UPDATE 14. January 2022: How2: Remove a Car GPS tracker

UPDATE 05. January 2022: Big Tech is Targeting You

UPDATE 02. January 2022: Bosnia become first country in Europe without COVID pass

UPDATE 29. December 2021: MUST WATCH: How Big Tech Finds Your Exact Location - Even When You're Hiding It

UPDATE 22. December 2021: MUST WATCH: 2022 – We have Been Chipped. And Nobody Cares

UPDATE 03. December 2021: Apple Alerts Biden Admin Officials Their Phones Hacked By Israeli Pegasus Spyware

UPDATE 17.November 2021: National emergency alert test to be conducted today in Canada

UPDATE 16. November 2021: Mexico’s World Bank-Funded Mandatory Biometric Database Raises Serious Ethical and Legal Questions

UPDATE 14. November 2021: EU snooping laws could see YOUR private messages being read – stark warning

UPDATE 29. October 2021: Parler CEO: Facebook rebranding to Meta 'terrifying'

UPDATE 28. October 2021: EU’s Green Pass Vaccination ID Private Key Leaked or Forge

UPDATE 19. October 2021: The UK Is Trying To Use MP Assassination To Call For Social Media ID Verification System!!!

UPDATE 29. September 2021: "It's Already Too Late, I Can't Hide It Anymore"| Edward Snowden (2021)

UPDATE 22. September 2021: FBI Director: Ban Encryption to Counter Domestic Extremism

UPDATE 21. September 2021: MUST WATCH - MOOC CRDA: Children’s rights in the age of hyper-surveillance - Edward Snowden



ICYMI: Pegasus Spyware Detector: 4 Ways to Tell If Your Android Is Infected and How to Use Amnesty's Toolkit

PROLOGUE: Neo-colonial EU-Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen already plays NWO - CCP/WEF style - in the EU. And, if in one country the protests get too strong - like in the UK against the health passport - she implements it in others first - in order to break the resistance. Soon also Boris Johnson will use the trick to implement it through state-coerced private entities. Segregation and discrimination Apartheid-style are old tools of the tyrants, which Ursula von der Leyen learned while studying in London. The remedy against 'Divide et Impera' (Divide and Rule) is unity among the oppressed, clever disobedience and non-compliance towards the public institutions or their goons and BOYCOTT of the private entities. Let these non-resisting or even oppression-enforcing businesses get bankrupt and the bureaucracies suffocate in their own machinations.

Fines and suspension: Italy makes health passport mandatory in the workplace

By  - 17. September 2021

Italy is tightening the Corona rules: every employee must submit a vaccination or test certificate from mid-October, the so-called “green passport”. Anyone who refuses to do so may be suspended and no longer receive a salary.

Italy will require vaccinations or negative corona tests from all employees in the country when they go about their work. From October 15th, all employees are obliged to prove this with the document called “Green Passport” in Italy. Otherwise there is a risk of sanctions. “We are extending the ‘green passport’ obligation to the entire world of work, both in the public and private sectors,” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza at a press conference.

UPDATE 14. January 2022: "We are all David" 11.00h CET  LIVESTREAM #Session 87 <---click here

Corona Investigative Committee of Advocates hears the experts: Prof. Mattias Desmet (professor and psychoanalytic psychotherapist), Lt. Col. (ret.) Riccardo Umberto Guerrio Bosi (leader of the Australia One party - Australia), Deanna McLeod (expert in medical peer review publishing - Canada), IT and marketing specialist Aurelian Popa (activist - Romania), as well as lung specialist and internist Dr. med. Wolfgang Wodarg (pneumologist and social physician, former member of parliament) as medical advisor - with public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de (Get involved with your good questions !) [English / Deutsch] Topics today:

  • Mass Formation Psychosis
  • Australia: It's up to each individual now!
  • The Pfizer studies - What went wrong?
  • Pfizer: Significant conflict of interest.
  • Romanian resistance

UPDATE 07. January 2022: "The Fog Is Lifting" 12.00h CET  LIVESTREAM #Session 86 <---click here

Corona Investigative Committee of Advocates hears the experts: Business journalist Ernst Wolff (book author and public speaker), Electrical engineer Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholtz (Professor for electrical engineering and photovoltaics), Prof. Tjaša Vuzem (Founder of the Slovenian Lawyers for Enlightenment), Master of Science Dr. Gregor Kos (Political Scientist - Slovenia), Architect Robin Monotti (film producer), Dr. Lee Merritt (orthopedic and spine surgeon), Dr. Mike Yeadon (Former Vice President, Pfizer Respiratory Research Division), as well as lung specialist and internist Dr. med. Wolfgang Wodarg (pneumologist and social physician, former member of parliament) as medical advisor - with public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de (Get involved with your good questions !) [English / Deutsch] Topics today:

  • Nuclear power rebuttal: hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future
  • Ethylene oxide on test sticks and the authorities' silence
  • Politics and activism in Slovenia
  • Telegraphs disease: what is the role of cellular communication and 5G?
  • Instrumentarianism vs. biourbanism
  • Evidence for premeditation: Batches with particularly lethal "vaccines"

UPDATE 31. December 2021: "Rethinking" 11.00h CET  LIVESTREAM #Session 85 <---click here

Corona Investigative Committee of Advocates hears the experts: Ms. Sabine Langer (founder of the cooperative "Menschlich Wirtschaften" eGiG, Ms. Heidi Herbig (start-up and personality coach), Dr. Sam White (general practitioner - UK), Lawyer Dipali Ojha (attorney at the Bar Association of India), lecturer Cynthia Chung (co-founder and editor of the Rising Tide Foundation), as well as lung specialist and internist Dr. med. Wolfgang Wodarg (pneumologist and social physician, former member of parliament) as medical advisor - with public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de (Get involved with your good questions !) [English / Deutsch] Topics today:

  • "Humane Economics" and the Science of Social Tripartism
  • Highest UK court overturns ruling to revoke a doctor's license
  • First criminal complaint launched against UK government officials for criminal misconduct in public office relating to the Covid vaccine roll-out
  • World's first vaccine-murder lawsuit launched against Bill Gates in India
  • Greening deserts and more: concrete technologies revealing resource crisis and population growth limit are lies (with Caveat)

UPDATE 13. January 2022: BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court blocks Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses

UPDATE 12. January 2022: FRIGHTENING: WHO Joins EU and Changes Direction — Suddenly Warns Against Taking Continued COVID Booster Shots (after they contaminated billions of people already) + SPAINISH POLICE OFFICERS IN VALENCIA: "WE  UNITE ALL THE POLICE IN EUROPE! DOWN WITH THE HEALTH PASSPORT!"

UPDATE 11. January 2022: Caught: Military Medical Cover-Up Whistleblower DOD With Vax Records + Scientists believed Covid leaked from Wuhan lab - but feared debate could hurt ‘international harmony’

UPDATE 10. January 2022: New Stew Peters Live: CDC Whistleblower Drops NUKES! Strike Force for UnVaxxed, Killing Grandma and MORE!

UPDATE 08. January 2022: Disgusting New Zealand Quarantine Hotel goes Viral

UPDATE 07. January 2021: UK: "Apocalyptic Bird Flu" Jumps to Humans as Authorities Cull Millions of Birds + Hackers Crack Pfizer, Moderna & Janssen Servers! All Vaccine Death Data Now Public From All Companies

UPDATE 04. January 2022: MRNA Inventor Faces Tough Questions as Jab Deaths Explode

ICYMI: Fuellmich: New Findings Are Enough to Dismantle Entire VVV Industry + INVESTIGATION – Official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of the year + Official German Government Data Suggests the Fully Vaccinated Will Develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (VIAIDS) by the End of January 2022 + Study: Most of Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced Autoimmune Attacks on Their Own Organs

IMPORTANT: How Bad is My Batch (Update)

Soviet Canada: Doctor Locked in Psych Ward Who Exposed Stillbirth Explosion in 'Vaccinated' Moms (Interview)

By Faye Higbee - 03. January 2021

The Soviet Union often claimed that dissidents had “mental issues” and would lock them up in asylums, keep them drugged, and eventually they would die.

In November, Dr. Melvin Bruchet and his friend, Dr. Daniel Nagase, filed criminal charges against elected and appointed Candian government officials in British Columbia over a possible conflict of interest regarding provincial lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports.

The doctors exposed a severe spike in stillbirths at a Vancouver hospital. The women were injected with the experimental Covid “vaccine” in all cases. In December 2021, reminiscent of the Soviet Union’s treatment of dissidents, the Canadian government targeted Dr. Melvin Bruchet and unlawfully placed him in detention against his will.

WEF Global Risks Report 2022 Imagines All The Critical Threats To The World

Fear and prejudice. Photo by Lee Jeffries

By TN - 12. January 2022         PDF 📄       DO AWAY WITH FEAR !

Hiding behind the respectability of scholarship, wealth and position, the WEF offers a smorgasbord of propaganda and fear-producing possibilities: Vaccine inequality, social fractures. geopolitical tensions, environmental collapse, global warming disaster, cybersecurity failure, migration disorder, war in space.

All of this is to prepare the world for the necessity of a “Great Reset”, aka Technocracy, that will facilitate the greatest transfer of wealth in world history, leading to Klaus Schwab’s smiling prediction, “You will own nothing and be happy”. Like driving zoo animals with an electric cattle prod, fear is the primary tool to scare people into predictable submission and compliance. ⁃ TN Editor

Global Risks Report 2022: Executive Summary

Project Veritas: Former DARPA Fellow Pens Letter Exposing Gov’t Secrets

By Wendi Strauch Mahoney - 12. January 2022

U.S. Marine Corps Major Joseph Murphy wrote a letter in August of 2021 with important evidentiary attachments that have now been obtained by Project Veritas. The documents further verify previously released information, according to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

Murphy, formerly a fellow with DARPA, has exposed additional “incriminating documents…hidden in a top-secret shared drive” concerning the gain-of-function research on bat-borne coronaviruses and the link between NIH and EcoHealth Alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. According to Murphy, the documents were placed in the folder in July 2021. To this day, Fauci denies involvement in gain-of-function research and/or contracts.


Leave the Wild Horses in Peace! 

By Heidi Yanulis, LADY FREETHINKER & ECOTERRA - 12. January 2021

Did you know the Bureau of Land Management is breaking the law, and using our tax payer dollars to round up Wild Horses & Burros all over the Western United States? Terrorizing round ups using Helicopters and Cruelty.

Please Sign This Petition

Helicopters careen toward the earth, scattering herds of wild horses, tearing family units apart, and causing several panicked horses to die gruesome deaths in an effort to gather Wyoming’s wild horse population in the largest roundup in U.S. history.

Already, two mares have broken their necks after being chased into a holding area and crashing into containment panels in the gather operation by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) — the federal agency responsible for managing wild horse populations on public lands.

More than 10 other horses have died — including an 11-year-old stallion who suffered a broken leg and a 12-year-old mare who suffered a ruptured uterus. 

Lenca Indigenous Journalist Pablo Hernandez Is Gunned Down

Journalist Pablo Hernandez, Honduras.
Journalist Pablo Hernandez, Honduras. | Photo: Twitter/ @Orlinmahn

By teleSur - 10. January 2022

For years now, Honduras has become one of the most dangerous places for human rights defenders, environmental activists, journalists, and social leaders.

On Sunday, Honduran human rights defender Pablo Hernandez was murdered by several bullet shots in the back in the Tierra Colorada community, in the Lempira department.

Bertha Oliva, the coordinator of the Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH), denounced that armed men ambushed Hernandez on a dirt road.

"This murder is one more attack on freedom of expression and the defense of human rights," The Association of Community Media in Honduras (AMCH) said, recalling that Hernandez was director of the Tenan community radio station that broadcasts from San Marcos de Caiquin.

UPDATE 10. January 2022: Myanmar Dictatorship Sends Suu Kyi to Another 4 Years in Jail

UPDATE 29. March 2021: Thousands of Myanmar’s Karen refugees attempt to flee to northern Thailand as army’s air assault strikes border areas

UPDATE 28. March 2021: Fears Grow After Airstrikes on Ethnic Army of the Karen people.

UPDATE 27. March 2021: At Least 114 People Killed Saturday In Myanmar As Violence Continues To Escalate

UPDATE 22. March 2021: Myanmar coup: Mass protests fail to attract global solidarity

UPDATE 16. March 2021: Myanmar: 'Stop killing protesters,' UN tells military + SOROS BEHIND RIOTS AND COUP IN MYANMAR - Myanmar Regime Seizes Bank Accounts of Soros' Open Society Foundation

UPDATE 14. March 2021: BREAKING: Myanmar security forces killed at least 38 people + Myanmar Police Kills 5 People Peacefully Protesting, while the civilian government stated that it would seek to give people the legal right to defend themselves, which might mean a sharp escalation in violence.

Police officer loads an Uzi gun during protests in Myanmar, March 3, 2021.

Burmese Police officer loads an Israeli-made Uzi submachine-gun during protests in Myanmar, March 3, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @ThetMg MgPhyo11

UPDATE 11. March 2021: Myanmar's military accuses Suu Kyi of taking $600,000 and gold + Rights group: Myanmar military using systematic deadly force against Anti-coup protesters

UPDATE 03./04. March 2021: UN should invoke R2P to support arms embargo, sanctions against military - expert. But former UN fact-finding mission member says countries will not and should not use Responsibility to Protect to launch military intervention in Myanmar  + SOS call to local paper saves 81 Rohingya at sea, but no country says welcome

UPDATE 03. March 2021: Nearly 40 people killed in Myanmar as security forces quell anti-coup protests - UN envoy + Police open fire on anticoup demonstrators, killing at least 14 people - Death Toll Mounts as Myanmar’s Military Seeks to Crush Protests (now at least 38 protesters killed).

UPDATE 28. February 2021: Eighteen Killed in Myanmar’s Bloodiest Day of Protests Since Coup

UPDATE 22. February 2021: Myanmar coup: Protesters defy military warning in mass strike + United States Targets Members of Burma’s State Administrative Council following Violence against Protestors + Promoting Accountability for Those Responsible for Violence Against Protestors in Burma

https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/images/ic/640x360/p097l8dy.jpgUPDATE 21. February 2021: Myanmar coup: UN chief Guterres slams 'deadly violence'

UPDATE 19. February 2021: The 20-year-old woman shot in the head during anti-coup demonstrations in Myanmar has died of her injuries, while two more protesters were shot and killed by armed forces with live bullets.

UPDATE 18. February 2021: Watch: Myanmar's digital coup — what can we do to resist?

UPDATE 14. February 2021: Detention of former leader Aung San Suu Kyi extended for at least two more days to then stand trial. Internet cut now regularly over nighttime.

UPDATE 12. February 2021: Myanmar military releases more than 23,000 prisoners in their annual amnesty for prisoners at the Union Day celebrations. This year it will help them to free space in the overcrowded jails for the arrested protesters and to pitch those released criminals against the unruly civilian population especially at night. The young female protester named Mya Thweh Thweh Khine remains in critical condition Friday morning at a hospital in the capital Naypyidaw with a gunshot wound in the head. Internet partly restored, but serious new cyber bill will curb human rights.

The core groups of protesters are equipped like in Hong Kong.

UPDATE 11. February 2021: United States Targets Leaders of Burma’s Military Coup Under New Executive Order + Designating Officials and Entities in Connection with the Military Coup in Burma

UPDATE 10. February 2021: Protests rock Myanmar for fifth day, West condemns security response (report below) Female protester critically shot in the head.

UPDATE 09. February 2021: Well-funded ‘civil disobedience’ movements by the opposition youth since four days remind us of other 'colour revolutions' - especially because now also the orange-clad Buddhist monks joined in. Foreign instigation, however, is pitching the majority Bamar youth - now equipped HongKong-style with helmets, gasmasks and backpacks - against the Bamar military leaders, while the Indigenous Karen and Mon as well as other ethnicities like the Rakhine people and the Kachin, Chin, Rohingya continue to be the ones who really suffer. New Zealand, the best-role country of the globalists, is the first country that officially now broke diplomatic relations with the Junta of Burma (well, they also expelled the MP from the Maori Indigenous People, the Aboriginals and real owners of that land, from parliament today, because he refused to wear the colonial neck-tie). True freedom for the people of Myanmar lies neither with the Junta nor with foreign mastered insurgents and setups. ICJ and ICC must get down to real work on those who committed and continue to commit crimes against humanity and genocide in Burma.

UPDATE 07. February 2021: As predicted, the internet is coming back on - not because one Mark Zuckerberg, who has a special deal with the military junta of Burma, demanded it, no, because intel needs to monitor what it is going on in this war for the biggest source of opium, where the Brits seem to be on the loosing side with their "Mother Suu" as well as her British minder the "economic adviser" being held in lockdown.

UPDATE: 06. February 2021: Myanmar Coup in Progress as Globalists Attempt Color Revolution to Enforce Vote Steal

UPDATE 03. February 2021: IMF Sent $350 Million In Cash To Myanmar Just Days Before Military Coup

UPDATE 03. February 2021: Burma flipped the kill-switch now also on BigTech FacistBook, one of the few means remaining through which people could still access the outside world via the internet. Facebook had lured Burmese users by offering facebook-subscribers free bandwidth via the telecoms that were allowed to set up a network in the country some years back. Thereby facebook actually is or was the internet in Burma. Since the junta of course had been monitoring facebook-users since years, they only throw the cloak now over the 'facebook-channeled' internet while they pick up those whom they consider a threat. The junta recons it will take around four days and thereafter the BigTech/Government joint-venture of monitoring might just continue. A clear warning to all those in other countries, who still use facebook, because the sword of surveillance is hanging over them already.

UPDATE 02. February 2021: As predicted, the UN Security Council could not come up with anything meaningful, because China holds Veto powers and shields the Burmese junta.

UPDATE 01. February 2021: WIN³ for the Opium Regime of Myanmar

UPDATE 14. September 2020: Myanmar casualties may represent war crimes, U.N.'s Bachelet says

World Court Rules Against Myanmar on Rohingya

International Court of Justice Unanimously Orders Measures to Prevent Genocide in Burma

Rohingya refugees walk through rice fields after crossing the border from Myanmar into Palang Khali, Bangladesh, October 19, 2017.
Rohingya refugees walk through rice fields after crossing the border from Myanmar into Palang Khali, Bangladesh, October 19, 2017. © 2017 Jorge Silva/Reuters

By HRW - 23. January 2020

(Brussels) – The International Court of Justice (ICJ) order on January 23, 2020, directing Myanmar to prevent all genocidal acts against Rohingya Muslims is crucial for protecting the remaining Rohingya in Rakhine State, Human Rights Watch said today. The court unanimously adopted “provisional measures” that require Myanmar to prevent genocide and take steps to preserve evidence.

Myanmar’s military committed extensive atrocities against the Rohingya, including murder, rape, and arson, that peaked during its late 2017 campaign of ethnic cleansing, forcing more than 740,000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh. In September 2019, the United Nations-backed International Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar found that the 600,000 Rohingya remaining in Myanmar “may face a greater threat of genocide than ever.” 

BY PUBLIC DEMAND: These Faces will have to face charges for Crimes Against Humanity

Public Bulletin Board (mirrored from https://facescrimesagainsthumanity.club

Status 07. January 2022

We, the citizens of the world, are naming individuals who are complicit in the greatest crime against humanity in:

Argentina | Australia | Austria | Brasil | Canada | Chile | China | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | England | Fiji | France | Germany | Greece | Guernsey | Holland | Hong Kong | India |  Indonesia | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Jamaica | Japan | Jersey | Kenya | Malaysia | Mexico | New Zealand | Norway | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Scotland | Senegal | Singapore | Slovakia | Slovenia | South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Switzerland | Thailand | Trinidad & Tobago | Turkey | Ukraine |  | USA | WHO | EU

Brutal Capitalism in Africa

Global capitalism and the scramble for cobalt

Loading copper and cobalt ore at Musonoi Mine in the Lualaba Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (between 1980 and 1983)

In the context of the climate emergency and the need for renewable energy sources, competition over the supply of cobalt is growing. This competition is most intense in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nick Bernards argues that the scramble for cobalt is a capitalist scramble, and that there can be no ‘just’ transition without overthrowing capitalism on a global scale.

By Nick Bernards - 05. January 2022

With growing attention to climate breakdown and the need for expanded use of renewable energy sources, the mineral resources needed to make batteries are emerging as a key site of conflict. In this context, cobalt – traditionally mined as a by-product of copper and nickel – has become a subject of major interest in its own right.

Competition over supplies of cobalt is intensifying. Some reports suggest that demand for cobalt is likely to exceed known reserves if projected shifts to renewable energy sources are realized. Much of this competition is playing out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The south-eastern regions of the DRC hold about half of proven global cobalt reserves, and account for an even higher proportion of global cobalt production (roughly 70 percent) because known reserves in the DRC are relatively shallow and easier to extract.

UPDATE 02. January 2022: How Elsevier manipulates peer-reviewed science to match the narrative - now sued for manipulating science.

UPDATE 01. January 2022 - Bragging New York Times editor dies from booster

UPDATE 30. December 2021: THIS IS THE REASON why they are forcing the COVID-vaccine on children!

UPDATE 26. December 2021: On “Science” and Controversy - Infectious disease outbreaks require constant re-evaluation of accepted truth + NANOTECHNOLOGY IN VACCINES-COMPOSITION AND PURPOSE - LA QUINTA COLUMNA ENG - PROJECT HUMAN 2.0 -

UPDATE 21. December 2021: Long-term persistence of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: evidence and implications

ICYMI: On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination + VIDEO: PROOF IS IN: VACCINATION DESTROYS IMMUNE SYSTEM - DIRE WARNING: Cancer, Tuberculosis, Toxoplasmosis, EBV, CBV, Herpes and other sleeping horrors will soar, if the 'vaccination'-craze is not stopped immediately.

* Important information on Prevention and Treatment of disease

PROLOGUE: SAVE THE BRAINS - There are very few scientific studies on the decline of the brain functions and capacities in humans, who fell sick with COVID-19. But even fewer studies investigate the sometimes dramatically decreased mental and intellectual capabilities in people, who received the COVID-19 jabs, as found already by empiric studies and experienced by many in their daily lives - sufferers as well as observers. Since this phenomenon certainly and obviously also affects politicians, civilian as well as military leaders and decision makers, this phenomenon must receive immediate attention, since it has significant and worldwide political, economic and social implications. For holders of public office with a high level of executive power regular checks to proof their mental stability and unaffected brain capabilities have become now necessary.

How Bad is My Jab?

UK Scientist Reveals Bombshell Data Analysis: Tracks Batches Of Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen, Finds "... Some Batches Are 50 Times Worse Than Others"

App "How Bad Is My Batch?" Allows People To Input Batch Code And See How Many Deaths, Disabilities and Illnesses Associated With That Batch " 1 in 200 Lots Contain Deadly Ingredients"

By Celia Farber - 18. December 2021

I was told about the work of Craig Paardekooper by my friend of many years, PhD bio-chemist Dr. Dave Rasnick a few days ago; Today came this email from Dave, clarifying his shocking findings:

(see also: https://ecoterra.info/index.php/en/3239-the-vaccine-conundrum-xx )

“ I’m following the very important work of Craig Paardekooper at Kingston University London.  Recently, I introduced Craig’s work to our email group.