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In situations of war, collective violence or atrocity there is no such thing as a neutral stance. Passive by-standing is aiding and abetting evil. Don’t be complicit.

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Update SUN 21. April 2019 (vf): An eighth and ninth explosion have rocked Colombo, Sri Lanka's largest city and commercial capital, shortly after over 200 people were killed and as many as 400 were injured on Easter Sundayin six powerful blasts after 09h00 local time that hit in a coordinatd attack 3 hotels and 3 churches. Later 3 other devices exploded in different locations. The Sri Lankan Defense Ministry has imposed a nightly curfew. Seven people have been arrested and the social media have been cut off to control the people.


Update SAT 20. April 2019 (vf): INVITATION: Today 15:00 EST Washington D.C – Eyewitness Venezuela with Ajamu Baraka, Medea Benjamin, Max Blumenthal, Claudia De La Cruz, Gloria La Riva, and Anya Parampil!  If you can’t make the above events in person, watch them being live-streamed on their Facebook page (N.B.: Unfortunately they only have that FascistBook page - read warnings and access it only via a good VPN.) Facebook Admits Millions of Users' Passwords Affected by Latest Privacy Breach

READ: The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies

More Than 3,600 Fake News Items About Venezuela Per Day
“The Venezuela movement “Connects Us”, carried out a study on how Venezuela is viewed from abroad and the results were amazing in accounting for more than 3,600 fake news about Venezuela a day,” revealed Social Media Manager Erick Lozano.
During an interview conducted in the Punto de Encuentro TV show broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), Lozano warned that this strategy seeks to create a false opinion trend of what is being lived in Venezuela, Orinoco Tribune translated and reported at Correo del Orinoco.
He stressed that “fake news” or false news has become a phenomenon in the world because of the economic factors they generate, because every time users click on a news story the digital portals earn large amounts of money and for that reason web pages create false or tabloid news to get the attention of the user.
He mentioned that “another important factor that produces false news is the positioning of trends of opinion, in the case of Venezuela. The search for a media scenario that justifies a foreign intervention”, he said.
He recommended users verify the sources of the information that arrives at the social networks before sharing to avoid viralizing them.

The Venezuelan military deserters, who registered in the opposition operation during the days of the false humanitarian aid of February 23, are heading now to Bogota to seek a meeting with President Iván Duque to meet their demands.
The lack of response and the abandonment of these men by Juan Guaidó and his team, has caused that these troops look now for answers to their delicate situation from Colombia. Paradoxically, they do not march to Caracas to give power to their self-imposed “Commander-in-Chief”, but to Bogota to add an additional problem in internal politics to the unstable government of Ivan Duque.
This situation reduces the credibility of Guaidó’s promises to the Venezuelan military, by which he had been trying to convince them that by abandoning their oath they will receive preferential and privileged treatment.

Japanese Gov't Enacts Law To Preserve Indigenous Ainu Culture

The Ainu lived for centuries in northern Japan and neighboring Sakhalin (a Russian island). | Photo: EFE file

The new law will allow the Ainu to observe and maintain traditional practices such as collecting wood from national forests and catching fish in rivers, using time-honored, traditional methods.

The Japanese government approved legislation to legally recognize and preserve the cultural practices of the country’s Ainu Indigenous people at an Upper House plenary session Friday.

The legislation, according to Kyodo news agency, aims to preserve the culture of the Ainu people through state-backed financial assistance at central and local levels of government as well as promote the group’s culture and heritage.

The new law will allow the Ainu to observe and maintain traditional practices such as collecting wood from national forests and catching fish in rivers, using time-honored, traditional methods.

Head of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido, Tadashi Kato, pointed out that the new law did not cover ways to improve the living standards of the Ainu people.

‘Where is justice?’

Vietnam demands Monsanto pay victims of US Agent Orange chemical warfare

FILE PHOTO: Hereditary victim of Agent Orange in Vietnam © Reuters / Damir Sagolj
Vietnam is again seeking justice for the victims of Agent Orange, inspired by the multimillion-dollar verdicts against Monsanto in California. The biotech firm had supplied the US military with the chemical during the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA) has written a letter to a US court asking that it restart a class-action lawsuit by Agent Orange victims against American chemical firms, including Monsanto, which the Eastern District Court of New York dismissed in 2004, claiming a “lack of evidence” and asserting that “herbicide spraying.. did not constitute a war crime pre-1975.”

682 protesters have been arrested over 5 days in London.

The 'Berta Caceres Boat' placed on London's busy Oxford Circus in anti-Tory and pro-environment protection protest. | Photo: Twitter: Extinction Rebellion

Over 100 protesters were arrested Friday in London, as part of the ‘extinction rebellion’ days of action that seeks to draw attention to climate change.

Friday represented day five of the group’s direct action protests. The 100 people arrested brings the total number to 682 detained this week. This action had protesters planting a makeshift boat in the middle of Oxford Circus, London’s busiest shopping strip. The boat was named the ‘Berta Caceres’ boat, in honor of the Honduran environmental activist who was murdered for her activism against extractive companies.

The ‘extinction rebellion’ group seeks to organize direct action, and their website states that they are “an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.” 

Peru: Autonomous Indigenous People Fight Deforestation

The Peruvian Court opened an oral process to Awajun-Wampis ethnic groups over clashes between locals and police over land use at "Devil's Curve". | Photo: EFE

By teleSur - 19 April 2019

Profit-seeking intruders have had negative effects on Wampi territory, through deforestation and water pollution, as a result of gold mining.

The Wampi Nation of Peru, the first-ever Indigenous autonomous group in the country, continues to fight back against illegal deforestation and raise awareness of land issues in the country, and subsequently the rest of the world.

The Wampis have managed to expel illegal miners from their land both directly and through notifying the national authorities. While illegal logging proves more difficult to curb, Wampi soldiers serving in battalions along the Ecuador-Peru border work with government authorities and Wampi leaders to expel intruders from the region.

In addition to mining and logging, the oil industry proves to be the biggest threat to the Wampi Nation. The Oleoducto Norperuano oil pipeline was built through the territory and has a history of spills and leaks, including 23 between 2001 and 2016.

Revealed: The U.S. military's 36 code-named operations in Africa

Many demand: Yankees Out of Africa !

Many Americans first became aware of U.S.military operations in Africa only in October 2017, after the Islamic State ambushed American troops near Tongo Tongo, Niger, killing four U.S. soldiers and wounding two others.

Just after the attack, U.S. Africa Command said U.S. troops were providing “advice and assistance” to local counterparts. Later, it would become clear that those troops — the 11-man Operational Detachment-Alpha Team 3212 — were working out of the town of Oullam with a larger Nigerian force under the umbrella of Operation Juniper Shield, a wide-ranging counterterrorism effort in northwest Africa.


No time to read and study in order to understand or to find an answer to the question: Why does the USA want to impose their kind of "democrazy" on Venezuela? - JUST WATCH 2:40 Minute CLIP


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In situations of war, collective violence or atrocity there is no such thing as a neutral stance. Passive by-standing is aiding and abetting evil. Don’t be complicit.

LISTEN WHILE READING: They Don't Care About Us !

Guri Dam the electicity generating core of Venzuela's power grid.

Update MON 15. April 2019 (vf): Russia will provide strategic cooperation to the Venezuelan government to investigate several attacks against the National Energy Service (SEN) said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromoloto Monday. The Russian deputy foreign minister said Russia will help Venezuela in investigating the cyber attacks on the country which cause nation-wide blackouts.
"Russia is providing the Venezuelan friends with all the necessary cooperation in response to the requests of the government of President Nicolas Maduro," said Syromolotov.
He reiterated that support for investigations will be given because the Venezuelan government has constantly said the attacks in March were cyber aggression against the SEN of the country.
Meanwhile, the Russian diplomat mentioned that the perpetrators of the attack against the SEN knew the vulnerabilities of the system. "Of course the masterminds of the attack knew well the operative algorithms, the vulnerabilities of the equipment and the corresponding systems," he said.

Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response

‘Catastrophe afflicts people now and, unlike those in the rich world who can still afford to wallow in despair, they are forced to respond in practical ways.’ Photograph: Guillem Sartorio/AFP/Getty Images

No one is coming to save us.

By John Pilger - ICH - April 13, 2019


The glimpse of Julian Assange being dragged from the Ecuadorean embassy in London is an emblem of the times. Might against right. Muscle against the law. Indecency against courage. Six policemen manhandled a sick journalist, his eyes wincing against his first natural light in  almost seven years.

That this outrage happened in the heart of London, in the land of Magna Carta, ought to shame and anger all who fear for "democratic" societies. Assange is a political refugee protected by international law, the recipient of asylum under a strict covenant to which Britain is a signatory. The United Nations made this clear in the legal ruling of its Working Party on Arbitrary Detention.

But to hell with that. Let the thugs go in. Directed by the quasi fascists in Trump's Washington, in league with Ecuador's Lenin Moreno, a Latin American Judas and liar seeking to disguise his rancid regime, the British elite abandoned its last imperial myth: that of fairness and justice.


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The information age is evolving the very nature of warfare. Today, each nation increasingly depends on closely integrated, high-speed electronic systems across cyberspace, geospace, and space (CGS).  But, it’s a cause of great concern if an enemy can easily use a weapon like a small, inexpensive EMP device. An EMP weapon can deny any individual or entity across a nation the ability to use electromagnetic waves for their digital infrastructure and digital connectivity, e.g. radio, infrared, and radar. Moreover, a nuclear blast can also trigger an EMP effect, as can a solar storm. Individually and collectively, this emerging reality understandably changes the nature of warfare, the focus of the war, and the target of warfare, shaking up the very foundation of security.

Chinese mining companies left a Central African river 'in ruins'

Ouham river destroyed by Chinese mining activities.

The Central African Republic's ministry of mines and geology suspended four Chinese mining companies operating in Bozoum on March 25 for failing to protect the environment. Our Observer, Father Aurelio Gazzera, a missionary in Bozoum, says the affected areas include sections of the Ouham River. Gazzera sent The Observers photos of the river's deteriorating condition, which he says is the result of one company's hunt for gold.

"The river is in ruins"

In photos and videos taken by Gazzera, the Ouham River looks more like a construction site than a body of water, its levels low and its banks severely damaged. Gazzera said Chinese mining companies exploring for gold have set up around a dozen excavation sites in Bozoum and the surrounding area in recent months.

Six staff killed in deadliest attack at Congo’s Virunga National Park

by Joshua Castellino (*) | Minority Rights Group International - Tuesday, 9 April 2019
The Mau Forest complex in Kenya is the core of the ancestral homeland of the aboriginal Ogiek people, who suffered since colonial times at the hands of outsiders trying to grab their forest ressources including the water sources of the Mau.

Despite a legal ruling and international attention, Kenya's Ogiek people have continued to face evictions, underlining the inherent difficulties in implementing judgments.

The continued dominance of colonial-imposed laws over pre-existing customary legal systems, has been the bane of land rights disputes involving indigenous peoples across the globe for many years.

Post-colonial states have been unable to address such issues since formal law has continued to prevail over ancient customary systems even post-independence.

One such example is the Ogiek in Kenya’s Mau Forest, whose fate is to be determined by a Task Force whose report is due at the end of April. The Task Force report should be significant not only for the Ogiek, but for indigenous peoples in Kenya and Africa, with wider global repercussions.

The Ogiek have lived in the Mau Forest for centuries. Their struggle through courts to gain recognition of their ancestral domain through formal law has been a long one.

Belgium's Royal Museum for Central Africa. In February UN experts said racial discrimination was "endemic" in the country © Reuters

Belgium sorry for mixed-race kidnappings

By - 04 april  2019

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has apologised for the kidnapping of thousands of children born to mixed-race couples during the colonial rule of Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda.

The "métis" children born to Belgian settlers and local women were forcibly taken to Belgium and fostered by Catholic orders and other institutions.

About 20,000 children are believed to have been affected.

Most fathers refused to acknowledge paternity of their children.

Some of the children, born in the 1940s and 1950s, never received Belgian nationality and remained stateless.

The scandal of calling plantations ‘forest restoration’ is putting climate targets at risk

Mono-species plantations like all monocultures are NOT the solution. Solution here is that newly restored natural forests need protecting in order to protect the climate benefits they provide. - picture: Jen Watson / shutterstock

By  and  (*)  -

As trees grow they remove carbon from the atmosphere. New forests can therefore play an important role in meeting the goal of keeping Earth’s temperature to 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels.

Governments and wider civil society are increasingly recognising these benefits. One important step was the 2011 launch of the Bonn Challenge to restore 350m hectares of forest by 2030. This is a major undertaking – the area is a little larger than the size of India.

Spurred by the necessities of drastically cutting emissions and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to meet climate targets, many countries, including Brazil, India and China, have committed large areas to forest restoration. Adding up the Bonn Challenge and other national pledges from 43 countries across the tropics and sub-tropics – where trees grow fast – reveals that these governments have pledged to restore 292m hectares of degraded lands.

This very welcome news is, unfortunately, not all that is seems. Our new analysis, published in Nature, shows that implementing the current pledges under the Bonn Challenge will mean the 1.5℃ climate goal is still missed.

Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects

By Josh del Sol Beaulieu (*) - 2. April 2019

Great news. A Belgian government minister has announced that Brussels is halting its 5G plans due to health effects.

     Regional Minister Celine Fremault

The statement was made by Céline Fremault, the Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy. From an interview last Friday, with L’Echo:

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt.”

– Céline Fremault, Minister of the Government (Brussels-Captial Region), responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy