UPDATE 10. August 2020: Mohammed Hersi’s take on the controversy over Nairobi National Park

UPDATE 19. April 2020: After a public outcry, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) extended the deadline for public comments to the proposed management plan, which includes the building of a hotel deep inside the full protection zone. The deadline was earlier given on extremely short notice for today - typically for cases where the government of Kenya just wants to push something through. A meeting with the minister in charge, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Najib Balala, could not be held due to coronavirus excuses, but is scheduled for the near future. KWS appears once again as being at least a great part of the problem of persistent wildlife decline in Kenya and not as the steadfast guardian of wildlife in Kenya - as it is thought to be.

PROLOGUE: Are the apparently unabated successors of the colonial settler government in Kenya now totally destroying what is based on a still valid treaty of international law with the Indigenous Maasai people and the sealed dedication to maintain the National Park in perpetuity solely for wildlife protection? Any further attempt to chew away parts of the wildlife protection area must be squashed.

Hotel in Nairobi National Park a bad idea

Peace close to the chaos of the capital must prevail. Nairobi National Park forever!

In Summary

  • Conservation experts and activists are questioning why, 70 years since the park was set up, anyone would now want to radically change its status quo.

The proposal by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to put up a multimillion-shilling hotel in the Nairobi National Park is a baffling development.

One would have expected the KWS, as the custodian of the country’s wildlife heritage and an agent of conservation, to be in the front line in opposing any encroachment on this vital resource.

BUT FOR MOST IT WORKS !!! (- if not overdosed like in the Oxford trial, whose murders must be investigated.) Prevention: One 100mg tablet  Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) every three weeks (HCQ has haf-life of 21 days in the human body) plus daily Zinc intake. Cure of COVID-19: One 200mg tablet per day for 3 days. The 'Studies' (Oxford, Brazil) where doses of 800-1000mg HCQ per day were administered for 8 days, killed the patients - a clear medical malpractice. (Source: Immunologist and Virologist Prof. Dr. Dolores Cahill as well as the U.S. Frontline Doctors)

UPDATE 10. August 2020: 'It saved my life': Democratic councilman says hydroxychloroquine was key to recovering from COVID

UPDATE 28. July 2020: American Frontline Doctors Address treatment for COVID-19 #Hydroxychloroquine & #Zithromax & #Zinc

UPDATE 22. July 2020: Hydroxychloroquine could save up to 100,000 lives if used for COVID-19: Yale epidemiology professor

UPDATE 23. June 2020: Reportedly a major scandal is brewing concerning the HCQ trials in England: Allegedly 1000 dead due to overdose during study at Oxford University.

UPDATE 20. June 2020: Covid-19 Has Turned Public Health Into a Lethal, Patient-Killing Experimental Endeavor

UPDATE 04.June 2020: The study stating "Hydroxychloroquine ineffective" published by the LANCET is fraudulent and was now retracted

UPDATE 27. May 2020: Hydroxychloroquine allegedly ineffective as COVID-19 treatment, but still deadly for some.

PROLOGUE: WARNING! In the case of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency, called favism, which is genetically prevalent in about 30% of all black Africans, as well as in many African-Americans, but also especially among the Khazarian Jews among the Kurds (50% of men), Jews and to a much lower percentage in southern Europeans or Europeans and is genetically determined, it is certain that with administering higher doses of anti-malarial medicines such as Quinine - analogous chloroquine (Resochin BAYER), primaquine as well as hydroxychloroquine - death can occur within a short time due to hemolysis, i.e. the destruction of red blood cells, partially along with acute renal failure.

Red blood cells are burting in Hemolysis

Chloroquine may kill many people in Africa, Chicago or elsewhere!

By Wolfgang Wodarg - 18. April 2020

WHO and many others advocate the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) if the SARS-CoV-2 test is positive.

HCQ  is an old malaria drug, used also with autoimmun diseases but is not officially approved for Covid-19. Most of the recent studies with HCQ (more than 100 on 18.4.2020, 35 new ones last week), which have now been registered in rapid succession, also want to use HCQ alone or in combination with other drugs.

HCQ is already being used like that even in completely healthy people „for the prevention of severe courses“. It is also used prophylactically for medical staff.  The recommended dose is about 20 times as high as for malaria prophylaxis! (400-800mg per day).

Communities mark Indigenous People's day amid evictions and broken promises

Ogiek community members light a fire before retrieving honey from a traditional beehive at their Mau forest, on July 20, 2017. [Jenipher Wachie, Standard]

By Caroline Chebet - 09. August 2020

As the world celebrates the International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples today, it is a dull moment for those living in Kenya.

Local forest indigenous groups say while courts have come to their protection, marginalisation continues with long-standing unimplemented court rulings, evictions and ethnic clashes amid a raging global pandemic. 

“But we have nothing to celebrate because of continued marginalisation and empty promises. The indigenous communities have won big in both local and international courts while fighting for their rights but the ruling in their favour against the government remain empty years later,” said Joseph Towett, chairperson of the Ogiek Supreme Council of Elders.

UPDATE 08. August 2020: Multi-agency team to re-mark Mau borders

UPDATE 07. August 2020: Threats, politics and evictions: Who will save East Africa’s most important forest?

UPDATE 24. July 2020: KFS GOES AGAINST CS ENVIRONMENT DIRECTIVES & Slow Food supports evicted Ogiek Community with a fundraising campaign. 

UPDATE 22. July 2020: Draw clear borderline for Mau, says the Ogiek First Nation

UPDATE 19. July 2020: Kenyan Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko fails to attend highly publicized meeting with the Ogiek - the Indigenous people and owners of the Mau forest. The post-colonial governance of Kenya drags their feet and tries to fool the Ogiek since 30 years, thereby violating international law.

PROLOGUE: Under the cover of medical-martial law imposed also in Kenya on all people due to the COVID-19 scare, the Kenya government commits again atrocities against the Indigenous Ogiek people inside their Mau Forest. Despite highest rulings from the African Union court and the Kenyan High Court, the secret forces behind these evictions of Indigenous People, who want to clear the way for water extortion schemes together with the international freshwater-Mafia (led by Vivendi and Nestle), have never let loose. The defence of the Ogiek against the land-grabbers has been going on since colonial times, but had to be intensified since 1992. The scam is obvious: First they push landless poor people from other communities into these Indigenous forest lands and then they evict them together with the rightful inhabitants and owners of these forests. The fake title deed scams were already uncovered by the Ndungu Land Commission as well as by the Mau Task Force. And once again rogue gangs of heavily armed and poorly trained Kenya Forest Service (KFS) rangers are ordered to carry out these illegal acts. Like in Brazil this leads now to a situation where international donors must be urged to withdraw funding from the Kenya government due to these persistent violations of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. What is seriously missing in Kenya since 50 years for all the Indigenous Peoples of the colonial construct, which is called Kenya, is an Independent Truth and Reconstitution Commission that would deal with and rectify once and for all times the colonial injustices that are carried on by the post-colonial governance. Fact is that the British stole large parts of the Mau Forest from the aboriginal Ogiek people and turned them into governmental forest areas, which are until now illegally occupied and poorly managed by the KFS. Those parts of the Mau forest as well as the others into which the Ogiek were pushed shall obviously now be totally depopulated in a move that follows the hidden New World Order agenda of the UN with SDG, the so-called Great Reset and the interests of Globalists corporations and banksters (incl. WorldBank, ICLEI, WEF), who want these lands for collateral and resources. Until these injustices are addressed and settled no reconciliation can ever occur.

Mau evictions: KFS identifies forest boundary as Ogiek cry foul

1By FRANCIS MUREITHI - 17. July 2020


  • At least more than 300 houses have been torched by the KFS officers after the owners removed their belongings.
  • There was tension in Mariashoni trading centre as it emerged that structures in the area had been  earmarked for demolition.

Ogiek Council of Elders chairperson Joseph Kimaiyo Towett (second left) and Molo Deputy County Commissioner David Wanyonyi (second right) and other members of the community at Mariashoni, in Eastern Mau Forest in Molo on July 16, 2020. PHOTO | FRANCIS MUREITHI | NATION MEDIA GROUP

UPDATE 08. August 2020: Charlie Ward Talks to Sasha Stone about The Great Awakening

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Knows Best – The Post-Covid “Great Global Reset”

The WEF was Instrumental in Closing Down the World Economy and Now They Want to Revamp It

By Peter Koenig - 28. July 2020

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has just made a grandiose discovery and declared (21 July 2020) under the alarming title “This is now the world’s greatest threat – and it’s not coronavirus”. The superb discovery is listed as “Affluence is the biggest threat to our world, according to a new scientific report.” (See this).

This “shocking and revealing news” is the “main conclusions of a team of scientists from Australia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, who have warned that tackling overconsumption has to become a priority. Their report, titled Scientists’ Warning on Affluence, explains that “affluence is the driver of environmental and social impacts, and therefore, true sustainability calls for significant lifestyle changes, rather than hoping that more efficient use of resources will be enough.”

AVISO 08. August 2020: Corona Commission of Inquiry Session 09: 14. August 2020: The Role of the Media & 15. August 2020 - Session 10: Corona and the Science of Law - Info also via Telegram https://t.me/s/Corona_Ausschuss/53

UPDATE 08. August 2020: LIVESTREAM #Session 08: USA - the view from inside & Present situation in Schweden, Frankreich, Italien, Ireland etc.

Corona Commission of Inquiry Session 08: 07. August - 14:30 CET via LIVESTREAM (in English/German) with Naturopath Pam Popper - USA, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg - Deutschland, Journalist Gaby Weber - Argentinia, Designer Ash Zrl - Nepal, Prof. Dr. Luca Speciani - Italia, Immunologist and Virologist Prof. Dr. Dolores Cahill - Ireland (MUST WATCH: from minute 3:31'00") and public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung8/

UPDATE 07. August 2020: LIVESTREAM #Session 07: Schützen die Masken oder schaden sie? Aktuelle Lage in Schweden, Frankreich, Italien etc. (English/German) 

Corona Commission of Inquiry Session 07: 06. August - 11:00 CET via LIVESTREAM (in German) with lung specialist Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (Germany), Journalist Patrick Plaga (Sweden), Lawyer Anthony Brink (South-Africa), Attorney a. L. Jeroen Pols (Netherlands), Attorney a. L. Michael Verstraeten (Belgium), Dr. Hans-Joachim Maaz (Psychologist), Daniela Prousa (Dipl. Psych.) - and public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung7/

UPDATE 31. July 2020: LIVESTREAM #Session 06: The Situation of the Children (in German) 

Corona Commission of Inquiry Session 06: 31. July - 11:00 CET via LIVESTREAM (in German) with child psychologists and a parent initiative | https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung6/

UPDATE 30. July 2020: LIVESTREAM #Session 05The Situation of the Small Entrepreneurs and the Self-employed | 

Corona Commission of Inquiry Session 05: 30. July - 11:00 CET via LIVESTREAM (in German) with entrepreneur, artist, top economist and public participation  | https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung5/

UPDATE 24. Juli 2020:  LIVESTREAM #Session 04The Drosten-Test, Immunity and the second wave.

Corona commission of inquiry Session 04: 24. Juli 2020 - 11h -16h CET via LIVESTREAM (in German) with top expert Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer and public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung4/ 

UPDATE 23. Juli 2020: LIVESTREAM #Session 03

"Bergamo - what happened there?": Corona commission of inquiry 23. Juli 11:00 h with Top Experts from Italy: Dr. Luka Speziani, Dr. Loretta Bolgan, Dr. Fabio Zoffi, Prof. Dr. Antonietta Gatti, Prof. Dr. Pasquale Bacco + team: Many patients died due to wrong medication and wrong medical procedures like forced incubation. Italian authorites refused forensic investigations on the dead, though classical post-mortems already did show a very high number of cases with severe and deadly thrombosis. (In German, English, Italian) The danger of this pathogen is over, but the Italian government doesn't allow the people to return to their normal life. https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung3/

UPDATE 15. Juli 2020: LIVESTREAM Session 2 | 15. Juli. 2020 | 11h to 16h CET - The situation of the elderly in the care homes 

Corona commission of inquiry Session 02: 15. Juli 2020 - 11h -16h CET via LIVESTREAM (in German) with top expert with Adelheid von Stösser and public participation https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung2/

UPDATE 14. Juli 2020: LIVESTREAM Sesson 1 | 14.07.2020 | 11h to 16h - Workplan of the commission, focal points of the inquiry.

Corona commission of inquiry Session 01: 14. Juli 2020 - 11h -16h CET via LIVESTREAM (in German) with top expert Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg presenting his experiences on the swine-flu pandemic and public participation - https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung1/ 

UPDATE 10. Juli 2020: International Media-Conference in Berlin LIVESTREAM (video 2h25m in German) - with a good participation of jounalists from all media, except those financed by government. The direct public participation was excellent with over 6,000 multiplicators engaged, whose most important questions could already and directly be answered during the conference. Over 100,000 already watched the livestream. (In German) From the next week on the committee will for 4-6 weeks on three days per week hear the witnesses and experts - likewise livestreamed und with direct public participation. Via the website https://corona-ausschuss.de/ all sessions will be announced, livestreamed with public participation and and the findings published.The network of the committee is expanding to other European and international initiatives.

UPDATE: Start and International Media-Conference on 10. Juli 2020 in Berlin

Corona Committee of Inquiry Seeks the Truth

By SCA - 01. Juli 2020

We want to investigate why the federal and state governments have imposed unprecedented restrictions and what consequences they had for people. We support scientific studies in this field. 

In Germany, coronavirus activity is almost at a standstill. A large number of studies have shown that lethality and mortality are similar to influenza. Throughout the entire coronavirus measures, the German health care system was never overwhelmed.

However, the government's coronavirus interventions, which were imposed in a great panic, have caused massive social, psychological, health, cultural and economic collateral damage.

PROLOGUE: While the world is mesmerized by the so-called Corona-Pandemic, two really serious killer-diseases soar: Tuberculosis and Malaria. Around 435,000 people - mostly children - die from Malaria each year. Malaria killed around 445,000 people around the world in 2016. While the in Rwanda found resistance of the Malaria-causing plasmodia falciparum in mosquitoes to synthetic Artemesinin as cure is worrisome, the good news is that whole-plant, natural Artemesin still works. However, if the Kenyan research into a naturally occurring fungus that prevents the Anopheles mosquito from getting infected by the plasmodia in the first place and therefore the mosquito bite could no longer cause Malaria in humans, it would be a dramatic game changer, that also would make all the other, often highly dangerous experiments - like genetically engineered mosquitoes, genetically engineered fungi or vaccines against Malaria etc. - absolutely obsolete and the world a much safer place. STOP ANY RELEASE OF GM MOSQUITOES INTO THE WILD - NOW!

Malaria in Africa: Parasite 'resistant to artemisinin'

MosquitoesBy BBC - 06. August 2020

A drug-resistant strain of the parasite that causes malaria has been identified by scientists in Rwanda.

The study, published in Nature, found the parasites were able to resist treatment by artemisinin - a frontline drug in the fight against the disease.

This is the first time scientists have observed the resistance to the drug artemisinin in Africa.

The researchers warns that this "would pose a major public health threat" in the continent.

UPDATE 06. August 2020: Mining billionaire denies any link to online abuse aimed at an investigative consortium’s report on money-laundering and grand corruption

UPDATE 25. July 2020: Many more people of the Bantu speaking ethnicities of the Bembe, Lega, Nyindu, Vira and Fuliru people have been killed in a new aggression by allegedly Rwanda-backed groups under Col. Makanika. The pictures and videos of the killed, brutally mutilated, shot and decapitated people we received are far too horrific to publish, but were forwarded to the ICC. The situation has all characteritics of a genocide, but neither the national army (FARDC) nor the United Nations peacekeepers (MONUSCO) intervened. Actually MONUSCO peacekeepers stayed at the now attacked villages a few days before, but then suddenly withdrew and allowed the massacre to happen without any attempt to stop it, though their base is in Mikenge (Mi'enge) not far from the epicentre of this massacre in and around Kipupu (Epùpù).

PROLOGUE: Next time you look at your mobile phone - think about its hidden cost from these blood-stained resource wars. Black Lives Matter also in DR Congo. At least 350 civilians and a chief were killed, while the world is mesmerized by watching Corona-News.

Deadly attack reported from Kipupu in South Kivu

By ENP Local Staff - 18. July 2020

EXCLUSIVE - South Kivu - Heavy fighting was reported on Thursday (July 16th) in and around the town of Kipupu, in the Itombwe sector, in the highlands of Mwenga territory in the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

According to local sources, at around 4 o'clock in the morning fighters from the Gumino group and its allies, including Burundian FNL Nzabampema rebels attacked from four axes, before taking Kipupu, the capital of the Itombwe sector, into a stranglehold.

Provisional assessment reports speak of 343/363 or 400 civilians being killed, including a widely respected custormary Chief.


UPDATE 04. AUGUST 2020: In Spain ‘Doctors For Truth’ Denounce Covid-19 ‘Fake Pandemic’

UPDATE 09. Juli 2020: Italian top virologist reveals - that´s how politicians & media lied to us!

The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee

By ACU - 03.07.2020 - Transcript from the ACU-CONFERENCE

Welcome to the ACU, the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee. If the Parliament does not do it, then we citizens are called upon to do it ourselves.Extra-parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry, we will investigate why these restrictive measures came over our country in the wake of CoVid-19, why people are suffering now and whether there is any real proportionality to the disease actually caused by a SARS-CoV-2 virus.

We have serious doubts as to whether the way in which these restrictive measures have been taken is really proportionate. This must be investigated and, as neither the parliaments, the opposition parties nor the governing parties have convened a committee and it is not even in the planning stage, it is high time that we took matters into our own hands now. We will invite and hear experts here in the Corona Spokesmen's Circle, experts from all walks of life, from the fields of medicine, social affairs, law, the economy and much more.

The six strains of SARS-CoV-2

virusBy University of Bologna - 03. August 2020

SARS-CoV-2 mutation rate remains low. Across Europe and Italy, the most widespread is strain G, while the L strain from Wuhan is gradually disappearing. These mutations, however, do not impinge on the process of developing effective vaccines.

The virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, presents at least six strains. Despite its mutations, the virus shows little variability, and this is good news for the researchers working on a viable vaccine. 

These are the results of the most extensive study ever carried out on SARS-CoV-2 sequencing. Researchers at the University of Bologna drew from the analysis of 48,635 coronavirus genomes, which were isolated by researchers in labs all over the world. This study was published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. It was then possible for researchers to map the spread and the mutations of the virus during its journey to all continents.

UPDATE 03. August 2020: Rockefeller's "Reset the Table:" Food Tyranny & Transform Food Supply

By hook or by crook... “Edible Vaccine”?

PHARMING: Food that Changes YOU

STOP food bioengineering !

By IceFarmer - 31. July 2020

We hear a lot about vaccines, but what if the real threat is something as seemingly innocuous as a tomato?

Scientists are “Pharming” tomatoes that will act as “edible coronavirus vaccines,” as we are told that GMO is mandatory in this “new normal.”

The ultimate goal, they admit, is to modify the genetics of the consumer. Is food the ultimate delivery mechanism to achieve a GMO transhuman future?

Every aspect of the food supply chain is being destroyed and perverted, and you must start growing your own food for your family.

“You are what you eat.” / “Let thy food be thy medicine.”

Huge success of FREEDOM DAY BERLIN 2020

It was also a day of Peace and Truthfulness

- Protesters: WE WILL COME BACK!

Fake Mainstream Media in the U.S. woke up to a huge surprise, but then lied about the numbers of demonstrators like they lie about corona figures. Already in the morning there were over 250,000 marchers according to official police reports, while U.S. lamestream report figures as low as 15,000, and the figure rose over lunchtime to up to 1,300,000.

And the media lie, lie, lie.

UPDATE 01. AUGUST 2020 - 21h20: Nightfall, but demonstations continue into the night at various locations! Chant: Dictatorship, Dictatorship, Dictatorship!

UPDATE 01. AUGUST 2020 - 20h40: Police arrest journalists and camera-people. Protests and proclamations continue also at centre stage area.

UPDATE 01. AUGUST 2020 - 19h24: Police brutality launched even against elderly ladies.

UPDATE 01. AUGUST 2020 - 18h49: Police threatens demonstrators with detention as well as legal consequences and even attacks the media. Police units harass even accredited journalists. Demonstrators have grouped also away from the central stage area like in the Berlin Tiergarten zone - a large park.

UPDATE 01. AUGUST 2020 - 18h40: Berlin Police spokesman declares via loudspeaker again that the demonstration had been officially stopped by state powers and threatens the demonstrators with arrest. The participants shall leave towards Charlottenburg. Demonstrators chant: JOIN US! Individual demonstrators that remain seated are carried away by police 10-men units and transported away.

UPDATE: 01. August 2020 - 18h20: Police unit leaves the stage, where they cut the electricity, under protester's booing and loud chants: JOIN US! But centre stage remains cordoned off.

                                                                        JOIN & RESIST !

UPDATE: 01. August 2020 - 18h07: Police cordons off and occupies the stage, but protesters don't leave. 

UPDATE: 01. August 2020 - 17h07: The two official LIVESTREAMS were CUT - by the dictatorship! Alternative third see below. Demonstrators shout: SHAME ON YOU ! WE ARE MORE! RESISTANCE!

UPDATE: 01. August 2020 - 16h52: Police spokesman tells the participants that the police declares the event to be over and orders the people to go home. Protesters shout FREEDOM and "We will stay here!" 

+++ BREAKING 16h00 MEZ: Government wants to dissolve the peaceful demonstration. The organizers informed the protesters at 16h during the on-going peaceful event that the police will now to stop the event. Lying mainstream media DER SPIEGEL reported already shortly after 12h and the FOCUS around 15h that the demonstration had been dissolved - a prefabricated lie by the corrupt government media bought by Bill Gates. 1,3 million participants now (16h15) say: We will not get dispersed ! We will not leave - we will stay here steadfast! +++

See the LIVESTREAM and the Truth! All space between Brandenburger Tor and the Siegessäule is filled with people. Calculated to be around 1.3 million.



GIGANTIC Anti-Corona Protest-March - Berlin / GERMANY - 8km long




We make history ! Continental Movement for Freedom

UPDATE 03. August 2020: CENSORSHIP: CDC Takes Over Frontline Doctors’ Website and Replaces Content with Their Own Data

UPDATE 03. August 2020: “Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. Claiming “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced on Facts and Treatments for COVID

UPDATE 03. August 2020: Is Big Tech Planning A Massive Purge To Coincide With The COVID Vaccine Release?

UPDATE 02. August 2020: Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims 

ICYMI: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions In "More Than Half" Of Trial Participants

Bill Gates hems and haws about coronavirus vaccines causing universal side effects in test patients

By Ethan Huff - 30. July 2020

Bill Gates hems and haws about coronavirus vaccines causing universal side effects in test patients

When pressed during a recent CBS interview with Norah O’Donnell about the fact that nearly every test patient given an experimental Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine thus far has developed systemic side effects, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates was nervously unconcerned, reassuring viewers that the FDA “will do a good job at that.”

As O’Donnell explained, a whopping 80 percent of those given at least two doses of Moderna’s test vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) got sick, in many cases with the same symptoms one might develop from the infection itself. But according to Gates, it is nothing to worry about because the side effects were not really that bad.

UPDATE 29. July 2020: ‘Pestered’ Belgians sue Bill Gates, Belgium and a British epidemiologist over coronavirus restrictions

UPDATE 12. July 2020: Tyranny Without a Tyrant: The Deep State’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working & Where Do We Go from Here?

UPDATE 08. July 2020: BOMBSHELL! Canadian Lawsuit Filed In Excruciating Detail Against the Government’s COVID-19 Measures

ADD-ON 10. June 2020: Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong

Biggest and Deadliest Medical Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race

By State of the Nation - 28. June 2020

“All the official COVID-19 numbers are
fake, totally made up!”

The Coronavirus Coach

• All the COVID-19 infection rates and number of cases by locale and nation are fabricated

• All mortality rates by city, state and nation are falsified, most COVID-19 classified deaths are other causes of death

• All coronavirus hospital admissions are either confusingly misrepresented, deliberately inflated or grossly exaggerated

• All COVID-19 statistics officially issued by virtually every government within the world community of nations are either highly inaccurate, purposefully distorted or patently false

• Geriatric genocide is the primary cause of death especially in the United States, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France and Germany

Assange appears in court, as lawyers warn case may be delayed by new US indictment


By Thomas Scripps - 28. July 2020

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s case management hearing yesterday continued the travesty of legal due process to which he has been subjected for more than a decade.

The journalist and publisher is fighting extradition to the United States, where he faces politically motivated frame-up charges of espionage with a combined potential sentence of 175 years. He has not attended hearings via videolink for the last three months on the advice of doctors, due to his fragile state of health and the threat of exposure to coronavirus.

UPDATE 28. July 2020: American Frontline Doctors Address treatment for COVID-19 --> #Hydroxychloroquine & #Zithromax & #Zinc

UPDATE 22. July 2020: The 'Indisputable' Science Behind the Covid Hoax Medical Tyranny Takeover

UPDATE 21. July 2020: We Are Victims of the Greatest Crime in History !!!


UPDATE 09. July 2020: International Pharmaceuticals Expert Exposes Pandemic Fakery!


UPDATE 21. March 2020: Massive die-off in Italy - 793 patients died there with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours - but beware: The majority died WITH the virus but due to other ailments and NOT FROM the virus. Only around 12% of “Covid19 deaths” list Covid19 as CAUSE. The virus is a killer of pensioners - the average age of the deceased in Italy is 81 years. The virus certainly works well for the pension-funds worldwide. Also Spain has a massive upsurge in fatal cases. Compilation and texts below upated - check back!

PROLOGUE: The coronavirus creating worldwide havoc at present was initially called 2019-nCoV for '2019 novel coronavirus' and is identified now as SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - CoronaVirus 2), while the disease is called COVID-19 for 'Corona Virus Infectious Disease 2019'. Get  your case updates from HERE or HERE or HERE

COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 are real - so where is the con?

Covered behind facemasks the Good have lots of hard work, the Bad get it their way and the Ugly have one field-day after the other. Credit: Street artist TVBoy

By Venatrix Fulmen (*) - 20. March 2020

SARS-CoV-2 is - based on the assessments and testimonies given by many virologists - a man-made, artificially created virus deriving from the family of the coronavirus pathogens. There are a number of coronaviruses that affect humans as well as those that affect primarily animals. A coronavirus that affects specifically the intestines of dogs is known since it appeared first in the UK in 1971.

Known to science are now seven corona viruses that affect humans, of which four cause usually only a mild, flu-like sickness, but also can cause death in frail patients. All four of these endemic viruses circulate slowly and many people are already immune against them. In a normal flu season around 7 to 15 percent of all flu viruses are these classic corona viruses.

The three others are the MERS, SARS und the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that can cause a pandemic and serious respiratory illnesses as well as death. Infections with MERS are rare and the SARS virus hasn't been found in humans since 2004. SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19 and is at the core of the on-going pandemic.

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