UPDATE 26. January 2021: AstraZeneca rejects ‘completely incorrect’ claim that Covid vaccine is less than 10 percent effective among elderly

UPDATE 22. January 2021: W.H.O. Comes Clean, Pandemic Over! The Plot to Steal America

UPDATE 21. January 2021: Vaccine skeptics now being labeled part of “extremist” groups in latest merger of Big Pharma and the police state government

UPDATE 16. January 2021: 55 Americans Have Died Following COVID Vaccination, Norway Deaths Rise To 29

UPDATE 15. January 2021: 23 Dead In Norway After Taking COVID Vaccine + COVID-19 vaccine reactions being blamed on PEG, but could it be the body responding to mRNA transhumanist genetic reprogramming?

UPDATE 13. January 2021: EMA hacked with BioNtech covid vax files released (get the data-set)

UPDATE 12. January 2021: Rate of adverse events caused by coronavirus vaccines 50x higher than flu shots

UPDATE 09. January 2021: “Let’s make sure we are clear… This is not a vaccine." - Discussion between Dr. David Martin, Rocco Galati, Judy Mikovits, Ph.D und Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Inocculations - it is a synthetic pathogen used in the mass-"vaccinations"!

UPDATE 06. January 2021: Vaxxed v. Unvaxxed: Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Americans From Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status + EU health authority approves Moderna mRNA vaccine

UPDATE 05. January 2021: MUST WATCH !!! -->>> FOCUS ON FAUCI

UPDATE 05. January 2021: Experimental COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Are Operating System Designed To Program Human DNA, Says Moderna

ICYMI: Say what? WHO says there is “no evidence” that COVID-19 vaccines will prevent spread of disease… so what good are they? + UK: MHRA awarded over £980,000 for collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation

Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” vaccines—we need more details and the raw data

Peter Doshi - 04. 

Five weeks ago, when I raised questions about the results of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine trials, all that was in the public domain were the study protocols and a few pressreleases.

Today, two journal publications and around 400 pages of summary data are available in the form of multiple reports presented by and to the FDA prior to the agency’s emergency authorization of each company’s mRNA vaccine.

While some of the additional details are reassuring, some are not. Here I outline new concerns about the trustworthiness and meaningfulness of the reported efficacy results.

UPDATE 25. January 2021: Kumeyaay 'No Border Wall on Native Land' (powerful speech video)

UPDATE 24. January 2021: The Fight to Stop the Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline - ACTION: CALL & SIGN ON !

UPDATE 23. January 2021: Border Wall construction continuing and defying Biden's executive order

UPDATE 21. January 2021: Joe Biden rejoins Paris Agreement, requires masks on federal property in swift Day 1 directives

President Biden halts Keystone XL Pipeline and Border Wall Construction

The horrific border-wall separating Mexico and the USA

By By Brenda Norrell - CN - 20. January 2021

President Biden signed executive orders revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline permit, halting funding for the border wall, reviewing boundaries of Bears Ears, and issued a moratorium on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Cheyenne River Lakota Chairman Harold Frazier in South Dakota immediately praised Biden for recognizing the danger the Keystone XL Pipeline poses to the land and people.

The pipeline would have transported dirty tar sands crude oil from Alberta, Canada,  endangering water sources throughout the heartland.

Chairman Frazier said it "was a dagger to our throats." (See full statement below.)

Oglala Sioux President Kevin Killer expressed thanks to Biden for protecting the water and land. (Read article at  KOTA )

Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca elder, urged Biden to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. "We have laid our bodies on the line," Horinek said today of the defense of the land and water, in a Letter to Biden, 'An Indigenous Perspective on Your Inauguration.'

- except maybe for South Africa, which seems to be a specific playing field for the makers of the plandemic, and for the continent-wide COVID-19 fraud, initiated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the WorldBank at the core of the UN-System in LockStep with the WEF (World Economic Forum) ensnaring African countries, and their criminal counterparts in form of politicians, monopolitic traders and fraudsters. The hunger games are on and famine is rife.

UPDATE 25. January 2021: Another multi-billion scandal in the offing as Kenyans reject Covid-19 vaccine

UPDATE 20. January 2021: Pfizer leak: SA health officials didn't respond to requests for 'months and months' to talk about Covid-19 vaccines + READ COMMENT

UPDATE 04. January 2020: MASSIVE LOSS OF VACCINES IN SOUTH AFRICA - Cool-chain didn't work out, whole boxes go to waste and into the incinerator + Africa’s options for COVID-19 vaccines are limited – Ramaphosa

UPDATE 28. December 2020: Interpol notes fake Covid-19 vaccine bust in SA

UPDATE 05. November 2020: Kenya Launches Human Trials of COVID-19 Vaccine

UPDATE 10. October 2020: Africa 'needs $1.2tn' to recover coronavirus losses

UPDATE 14. August 2020: Demos held in Kisumu, Nakuru over Covid funds 'theft'

UPDATE 29. September 2020: PROLOGUE: The answer to the question: Why Africa was spared by SARS-CoV-2??", for which Bill and Melinda Gates are biting their fingernails since it is against their wishful predictions of 100 Million dead Africans, was tried today again by the media-agency of the Banksters: Puzzled scientists seek reasons behind Africa's low fatality rates from pandemic

UPDATE 24 September 2020: Kenyan officials suspected of stealing money meant for medical supplies face prosecution.

UPDATE 17. September 2020: Finally also South-Africa has enough of the plandemic. SA eases strict lockdown as cases drop.

UPDATE 12. September 2020: Why 'In the last 24 hours' Covid-19 statistics a fraud

UPDATE 11. September 2020: Africa’s Catastrophic Lockdowns Have Sentenced to Death Far More People Than COVID Ever Could

https://antiempire.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/im-171495.jpgUPDATE 03. September 2020: The Exodus: Corona-Induced Urban-To-Rural Migration

UPDATE 02. September 2020: Africa’s Gathering Debt Storm

UPDATE 26. August 2020: BBC continues to spread Corona fear in Africa with figures not shown in relation - while cross-immunity protects also most Africans.

UPDATE 22. August 2020: Activists put under arrest as they protest COVID funds' theft & First voices are demanding to kick the Pentagon bioweapons-grade laboratories out of East Africa

UPDATE 21. August 2020: Money Talks - Kenya gives in to vaccine trial offers amid IMF money injection - and now suddenly: Kenya among countries to participate in Covid-19 vaccine trial 

UPDATE 14. August 2020: Scientists still puzzled by low corona deaths in Africa



See the source imageOur Africa Program needs YOU

You as our member or long-term follower know, we usually do not bother you with donation requests and throughout the years our volunteer scientists and activists always managed - until now.

The present situation is also for us something we can no longer sustain without additional external funding.

Therefore, we appeal to all of you and especially those, who have benefitted from our work of decades, those who are close to our common goals and - like ourselves - are always prepared to stand in harm’s way:

Please support our work, and let our independent work continue,

UPDATE 24. January 2021: The 2000 Euro Antidote-Pop for the Elite - Coronavirus: Germany to use new antibody-based drug

UPDATE 09. July 2020: COVID News and The Resistance

Exclusive: The Biological and/or Chemical, Debilitating and/or Incapacitating Contagious Agent (BCCA) in the Corona Saga

Even Bill Gates does not call the pathogen any more a 'virus'

By Venatrix Fulmen - 05. July 2020 (developing investigative report)

“Better treatment is reducing the deaths, but, particularly as you get into October and November, this thing will be back in big numbers, if we don’t restrain our behaviour more than it looks like we are right at the moment,” Gates warned during a CNN Global Town Hall on Thursday evening, as reported also by Business Insider.

Bee-killing pesticides threaten the global food supply

Image: Bee-killing pesticides threaten the global food supplyBy  - 24. January 2021

Neonicotinoids, better known as neonics, are a class of insecticides with a chemical structure that resembles nicotine – a nitrogen-containing compound present in tobacco plants.

Farmers across the United States use pesticides with neonics to protect their crops from pests. But experts find that the use of neonics has disastrous consequences for food production for humans. Daniel Raichel of the environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said as much in his recent article.

Raichel pointed out that neonics are pervasive contaminants that harm insects, wild animals and even humans. Although research on neonics’ harmful effects is not lacking, farmers often have no choice but to purchase neonics-treated seeds because the companies that own conventional seeds also make neonics.

ICYMI: Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount of Farmland While ‘Great Reset’ Tells Americans Future is No Private Property - Feudalism makes a roaring comeback in the name of progress.

Why is Bill Gates buying up farmland across America?

Image: Why is Bill Gates buying up farmland across America?By  - 24. January 2021

The fourth richest person in the world and the top financier of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, has silently become the biggest farmland owner in the United States. The man himself is the farthest thing from a farmer, however. He couldn’t even lift a bale of hay, let alone grip the two strands of bailing twine together with his bare hands.

Nevertheless, Gates now owns tens of thousands of acres of farmland across eighteen states. He owns the most farmland in Louisiana – a stunning 69,071-acre portfolio. As if this wasn’t enough, he owns another 47,927 acres in Arkansas, and 20,588 acres in Nebraska, and has a stake in a 25,750-acre swath of land on the west side of Phoenix, Arizona. So why is Bill Gates buying up farmland across America?

UPDATE 24. January 2021: THE ROOT CAUSE: Not As Green As You Think - Global EV Push Sparks Cobalt Chaos

UPDATE 16. January 2021: The death toll of the genocidal massacre near Rutshuru stands now at 48 - many girls and women. We demand an independent international inquiry and that the killers are brought to justice immediately.

Since the "global governments" and the international community are deeply corrupted and can no longer be trusted to uphold justice, we call for a worldwide CARGO BOYCOTT on any consignment from the DR Congo until this genocide against the Twa Forest People has been brought to justice! Dockworkers, air cargo handlers, container shippers and transporters - anybody handling any consignment from the DR Congo show your solidarity: Do not handle, process, ship, transport anything - you otherwise will also have blood on your hands by helping, aiding and abetting the bloody looters of Congolese resources, who are ultimately guilty and behind these horrific and genocidal massacres of innocent civilians. Think about your sister, your wife, your mother - if you don't help to stop these atrocities out there, they soon will come close to you. Most "authorities" have become useless or are even involved - so it is us all who have to hold up humanity. STAND UP AGAINST GENOCIDE AND ECOCIDE!

UPDATE 15. January 2021: Dozens killed, some decapitated, in suspected rebel attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo - THIS IS GENOCIDE AGAINST THE ABORIGINAL TWA FOREST PEOPLE !!! CALL TO ARMS!!!


UPDATE 05.January 2021: At least 22 killed in eastern Congo village - END THIS CARNAGE OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS!

UPDATE 01. January 2021: These Atrocities MUST END: At least 17 villagers hacked to death in eastern Congo

UPDATE 16. December 2020: Children among group hacked to death in DRC

UPDATE 18. October 2020: Call for Urgent Actions: Everyone should do what it takes to put an end to the recruitment of “Congolese Tutsi” refugees in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania for the civil war in DRCongo

UPDATE 06. August 2020: Mining billionaire denies any link to online abuse aimed at an investigative consortium’s report on money-laundering and grand corruption

UPDATE 25. July 2020: Many more people of the Bantu speaking ethnicities of the Bembe, Lega, Nyindu, Vira and Fuliru people have been killed in a new aggression by allegedly Rwanda-backed groups under Col. Makanika. The pictures and videos of the killed, brutally mutilated, shot and decapitated people we received are far too horrific to publish, but were forwarded to the ICC. The situation has all characteritics of a genocide, but neither the national army (FARDC) nor the United Nations peacekeepers (MONUSCO) intervened. Actually MONUSCO peacekeepers stayed at the now attacked villages a few days before, but then suddenly withdrew and allowed the massacre to happen without any attempt to stop it, though their base is in Mikenge (Mi'enge) not far from the epicentre of this massacre in and around Kipupu (Epùpù).

PROLOGUE: Next time you look at your mobile phone or your golden wedding ring - think about its hidden cost from these blood-stained resource wars. Black Lives Matter also in DR Congo. At least 350 civilians and a chief were killed, while the world is mesmerized by watching Corona-News.

Deadly attack reported from Kipupu in South Kivu

By ENP Local Staff - 18. July 2020

EXCLUSIVE - South Kivu - Heavy fighting was reported on Thursday (July 16th) in and around the town of Kipupu, in the Itombwe sector, in the highlands of Mwenga territory in the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

According to local sources, at around 4 o'clock in the morning fighters from the Gumino group and its allies, including Burundian FNL Nzabampema rebels attacked from four axes, before taking Kipupu, the capital of the Itombwe sector, into a stranglehold.

Provisional assessment reports speak of 343/363 or 400 civilians being killed, including a widely respected custormary Chief.

UPDATE 24. January 2021: Israeli health minister says not country’s job to give vaccine to Palestinians in occupied territory

UPDATE 21. January 2021: Biden Must Face the Facts: Israel Is an Apartheid Regime - The leading Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem has now joined others in making that claim and issued a position paper—one that will be difficult for the Biden administration to ignore or dismiss.

UPDATE 21. January 2021: The Separate Regimes Delusion - Nathan Thrall on Israel’s apartheid

UPDATE 17. January 2021: Not ‘Apartheid in the West Bank’ - It's Apartheid

UPDATE 14. January 2020: Israel is losing the fight to obscure its apartheid character

UPDATE 12. January 2021: A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid

ICYMI: Israel imposes 'apartheid regime' on Palestinians: U.N. report

Israel declared itself to be an Apartheid State:

By Moon of Alabama - 19. July 2018

The Knesset passed early Thursday a controversial bill that officially defines Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people and asserts that "the realization of the right to national self-determination in Israel is unique to the Jewish people," with 62 lawmakers voting in favor of the legislation and 55 opposing it.
The nation-state law also includes clauses stating that a "united Jerusalem" is the capital of Israel and that Hebrew is the country's official language. Another says that "the state sees the development of Jewish settlement as a national value and will act to encourage and promote its establishment and consolidation."

UPDATE 23. January 2021: New Article on Covid-19 Flaws and Errors: A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19 -PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

UPDATE 22. September 2020: CDC Admits Posting Inaccurate Website Information on Transmission of COVID-19 Virus

UPDATE 21. September 2020: Is COVID Airborne? CDC Reverses Guidelines Admits Error. The CDC Backtracked On Its New Guidelines.

UPDATE 30. August 2020: Finally, CDC Admits Just 9,210 Americans Died FROM Covid19

UPDATE 05. June 2020: How The CDC’s Guidelines For Certifying Coronavirus Deaths Could Be Misleading The Public

The CDC Admits COVID-19 Antibody Tests Are Wrong HALF THE TIME & Virus Isn’t That Deadly

By Mac Slavo - 28. May 2020

The mainstream media is ignoring the fact that the CDC has admitted the death rate for COVID-19 is actually lower than the flu. This is happening as the media admits that the antibody tests are wrong 50% of the time!

The scamdemic fear-mongering is ongoing and the propaganda is getting worse daily, even as their OWN DATA shows otherwise. Instead of giving the public the facts, the media continues to push for an extended lockdown, freedom trampling regulations, mass surveillance, and our permanent enslavement for their political overlords.

The CDC just came out with a report (see below) that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public.

Sign Call to President Biden

AdBy Assange Defense 23. January 2020

In his inaugural address yesterday, President Joe Biden called on Americans “to defend the truth and defeat the lies.”

You might remember that Julian Assange’s primary motivation for starting WikiLeaks was to fight against war propaganda and provide truthful information to the people.

“If wars can be started by lies,” Julian argued,
“peace can be started by truth.”

UPDATE 23. January 2021: How to Travel Freely, no tests, no Quarantining - Prof. Dolores Cahill

UPDATE 16. January 2021: 30,000 Italian Restaurants Defy Lockdown Rules

UPDATE 15. January 2021: “I Am Open”: 50,000 Italian Restaurant Owners Plan to Ignore Lockdown Huge act of civil disobedience plans to conduct business as usual inspite of “anti-Covid” measures

UPDATE 05. January 2021: Lockdown 3.0 – If at First You Don’t Succeed…

UPDATE 03. January 2021: It is now, right now, the time to decide!


The Fascists in government, their police and partly the military, their fake-news mainstream-media and the dark suites in finance behind it all must be brought to trial for their crimes against humanity. And it must be a trial so that the full truth can be exposed and can come out in order to prevent any future event. Hanging them in the streets - like Mussolini - or shooting them at dawn - like the Ceaușescus - would only cover up the real truth and not prevent rising tyranny.

UPDATE 23. January 2021: 181 Dead in the U.S.A. During 2 Week Period From Experimental COVID Injections – How Long Will We Continue to Allow Mass Murder by Lethal Injection?

UPDATE 23. January 2021: Baseball legend Hank Aaron dies two weeks after receiving coronavirus vaccinate during publicity stunt

UPDATE 20. January 2021: California stops injecting Moderna’s coronavirus vaccines after “disturbing number” of severe reactions

UPDATE 19. January 2021: Moderna "Does Not Know How Many Doses Went Into Arms" In California Adverse Vax-Reaction Cluster


UPDATE 14. January 2021: Video: Woman gets corona vax and got destroyed

UPDATE 13. January 2021: Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor

UPDATE 10. January 2021: 24 Dead and 137 Infected at NY Nursing Home After Experimental COVID Injections

UPDATE 23. January 2021: Ugandan army says it has killed 189 al Shabaab fighters in Somalia

UPDATE 03. January 2020: U.S. airstrikes in Somalia kill three al-Shabab extremists

UPDATE 22. December 2020: U.S. Air Force Tests Drone-Killing Microwave Weapon In Africa 

UPDATE 21. December 2020 (Soltice): President Trump had ordered all U.S. troops out of Somalia before the end of the year. Today U.S. Navy vessels have appeared off Mogadishu to facilitate the withdrawal of the estimated 500-700 U.S. military personnel from Somali territory, despite opposition from the Biden-Camp, which seems to be set firmly on the perpetual war agenda and the military-industrial complex demands.

UPDATE 10. December 2020: US Warplanes Hit Somali Rebels Days After US Troop Withdrawal Announced - STOP THE WAR - MAKE PEACE!!!


UPDATE 27. August 2020: U.S. military airstrike in Somalia kills Al-Shabaab militant

UPDATE 14. August 2020: MUST READ: Private U.S. Contractors Part of the ‘Kill Chain’ in East Africa “Anti-Terrorist Operations”

US Led War in Somalia: U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) Airstrikes Allegedly “Against Terrorists”

Airstrikes, military occupations and the failure to realize the economic potential of the Horn of Africa

By Abayomi Azikiwe - 08. December 2018

Somalia has been the focus of oil and natural gas exploration. This coupled with its geographically strategic location on the Indian Ocean and near the Gulf of Aden, which is one of the most lucrative shipping lanes in the world,


Pentagon bombing operations against the Horn of Africa state of Somalia have killed numerous people over the last several weeks under the guise of the United States “war on terrorism.”

CORSIA: World's biggest plan to make flying green 'too broken to fix'

A new UN-brokered deal for aviation will not require airlines to offset flight emissions for another six years and will cost them less than 1% of operating costs by 2035, a DW analysis has found. [... and where is the clean money from carbon-credits for reafforestation???]

German Chancellor's Airbus A340
The scheme would anyway not include private jets or military planes like this one

By DW - 22. January 2021

When Austrian judges let Vienna Airport build a third runway in 2018 — overruling a lower court that had previously blocked the expansion on environmental grounds — international climate agreements did not stand in their way. World leaders had not pledged to limit air traffic, the airport argued, but rather to grow it in a "climate-neutral" way.

The scheme they cited might not achieve even that.

CORSIA, the flagship emissions deal that launched this month, was brokered by the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to stop the sector's net greenhouse gas emissions from rising. But instead of tackling the growing number of flights between countries or capping their emissions, it forces airlines to buy credits that offset the rise in CO2 output above 2019 levels.

UPDATE 22. January 2021: Farmer Gates, Biden Swamp, I Am Open – New World Next Week

Plandemic Protocols

Experts Warn Civil Rights Fallout from COVID Could be Far Worse Than the Pandemic Itself

As President Biden signs a national mask mandate into law, measures being imposed in the name of protecting public health could create a humanitarian crisis that sees Americans sued by the state and forced into detention camps for breaking pandemic protocols.

COVID Civil Rights Feature photoBy Raul Diego - 21. January 2021

The very first executive order Joe Biden signed upon becoming the forty-sixth President of the United States was the national mask mandate he promised at the Democratic National Convention back in August. The order makes face coverings and social distancing mandatory on all federal property and a legal requisite for interstate commerce. The move signals a clear intent on the part of his administration to double down on the “authoritarian” emergency measures – as described in a recent paper from Oxford University – implemented in the wake of the pandemic crisis and sets the stage for what may be the greatest threat to human rights and civil liberties the world has ever known.