The Modern Day Scramble for Africa

Forget the states and governances - Afrikan Indigenous Nations and our people need to join hearts and hands.

By RRN - 23. September 2019

From the US to China to Israel to Russia, governments are positioning resources - both civilian and military - in various African nations for various reasons.

Jacqueline Luqman talks to Maurice Carney about who are the players on the continent, what do they want, what does this mean for the future of Africa and Africans, and why should we here in the US be concerned.


Since the days of the slave-trade and the colonial times, we Afrikans were conditioned to cut corners and to dodge in order to survive, and therefore we forgive this also in our leaders. Unless we learn how to hold our own people, who play the counterparts for foreign exploitation, fully accountable we will continue to suffer - while the takers laugh.



Its colonialism, just call it what it is.

Backdoor colonialism enabled by african "strongmen"


I hate when so called "historians" and academics limit their realm of knowledge of the scramble for Africa starting only 500 years ago, which is very recent in historical terms..this has been going on for over 3,000 years starting with the Persians, Greco-Romans, Arabs, and modern-era Europe again...the question is what are the steps needed to remove the colonization of the African mind that feels everyone should rule Africa except the African.

In the words of the GREAT Neely Fuller Jr. “ If you don’t understand white supremacy and how it works, everything else will only confuse you “!

Africa is at war, the world wants to carve Africa up and devour it. African leaders are betraying all Blacks in the world if they do not come together to defend and strengthen Africa we a doomed.

Anytime the U.S. uses the words terrorism, democracy, humanitarian, or destabilization, the military and their contractors are on the way. The U.S. is positioning itself to take what it wants whenever it wants. This country is never about helping people. Hell, they just sanctioned Venezuela's food program to starve the population. AfriCom was established during the worst recession in US history. What Africa NEEDS is for the US and Western nations to get the hell out and for the Chinese presence to be regulated. Malema has said these things.

When you have military bases of foreign nations inside your borders you are not sovereign. It doesn't matter whether you call yourself a country or a united continent, you are merely a name in contradiction to the reality. Worse, your a corrupt conduit for those foreigners.

For every dollar that goes into Africa, 24 dollars flow back to the capitalist empires through plunder.

Africa has 0.81% net global wealth while Belgium has 0.88%. Think about that a whole continent has the same wealth as a small European country. The most alarming thing is that neither the AU nor the UN have a problem with this as the global political elite benefit from this obscene exploitation. Charity is only supplied in order to keep the minimum upkeep required to continue the exploitation, never to actually fix it.

How Machiavellian to first, plunder Africa of its human "resource", to build wealth in the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean, etc., with African bodies that you despise and view as subhuman, then go on to plunder the wealthiest continent of its natural resources, all while painting the continent as desperately poor. Ghadaffi was considered a "threat", because he was moving toward building a united Africa, utilizing the gold Dhinar as currency, leading the continent with Lybia, being the wealthiest, most stable economy in Africa. Seeing this is just sickening to the soul. More people, most especially African Americans & those of us who are descendants of the survivors of the middle passage, we must educate ourselves and get involved -- it's our right & responsibility!

Lee Wengraf’s Extracting Profit shows in great detail that Africa is poor, not because of any innate inability of Africans to raise themselves up, but because Africa’s poverty is necessary for corporate profit yay . Cecil Rhodes and the diamond rip off see first "concentration camps ever! But exploitation did not end with African nations winning independence; rather its form merely changed.Africans resisted the colonial powers, but during the so-called Scramble for Africa in the late 19th century, only Ethiopia and Liberia successfully kept the Europeans out. Uprisings and revolts in many places took place for the next 80 years after the division of Africa

When Moumar Ghadaffi was murdered in 2011, Lybia was the WEALTHIEST nation on the continent of Africa, having the HIGHEST GDP and life expectancy on the ENTIRE continent of Africa -- a wealth that was sustained for DECADES before the United States DESTROYED Lybia! It is said that less people lived below the poverty line, in Lybia, than in the Netherlands and women were paid equally to their male counterparts, with Ghadaffi passing the "equal pay for equal work" law, which he was praised for by the United Nations Council on Human Rights, in 1970. Ghadaffi's "crime"was nationalizing Lybia's natural resources for higher standards of living, healthcare & education, for his people, as well as wanting to create an African Central Bank. These are all public FACTS, which can be researched & affirmed. The United States & Europe could NEVER allow any country or government on the continent of Africa, to thrive on the NATURAL wealth of African resources, when those resources can be EXPLOITED by the global Military Industrial Complex.

Ghadaffi created the most successful country in Africa. His "crime" was trying to create a United Africa w/ an African Central Bank, which would not have depended on the U.S. dollar or Euro but, the AFRICAN gold Dhinar -- that's why the United States had to destroy him & Lybia, which went from being the WEALTHIEST country in Africa, to being a fail state with open slave markets. This is not my opinion, these are FACTS, corroborated by the Centre for Research on Globalization, as well as the United Nations Council on Human Rights & REAL journalists & intellectuals like: Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Max Blumenthal, Richard Wolfe, Glen Ford, etc.

We have to be honest, and acknowledge that a big part of the money in our banks comes precisely from the exploitation of the african continent. "Without Africa, France would slide down to the rank of a third world power", said Jacques Chirac.

I believe the new ECO currency will end the French domination, read about it.

Didn't Kissinger outline their plan for Africa in the 70's, starve them, inoculate them, destabilize, plunder and control? He also was setting it up with the Chinese, among other things. Bush was right there with him and the cia and the imf, no coincidence. Everything else is just cover and theater. Unite and rise up Africa.

China is 100% a new colonizer I don't want to here a lesser of 2 evils argument, they are still both evils, every thing China builds on Africa is owned by Chinese companies and used for those companies to further exploit the country, which is why they build roads, ports, and railways so that they can export the resources they covet, wile putting their host country in debt to pay for that infrastructure which will have no use or ownership by Africans, but a tool of China's exploitation, in no way is it a win win. China is an inhumane dictatorship, the most dangerous country for Africa to be involved with at this point, it does not care for morals, only power and will use the same deception Europeans first used to gain the power it wants, please do not push the China narrative it is extremely dangerous.

The scramble has already happened a while back. China and Europe have secured most vital parts of the continent, mooching it dry daily. The rest crumbs of the table for other vulture corporate states and what remains of the remains is for rich 1% of África. As for some real news, the continent is emptying out as result of a mass exodus which has lasted more than twenty years now....

China buys out corrupt African leaders with "too good to be true" trade deals and then starts seizing assets such as ports, land, mining rights and water rights the moment African nations are unable to fulfill their contractual obligations, and then send in the Chinese military the moment the locals decide to get violent.

Bring back your Matriarchal system like in ancient times, then u man will rule as before, but as long as you demonize the Womb, you will all suffer..Get out their religious systems that demonizes woman.. Wake up and we can win this through the power of our spirituality..Never be afraid by the majority of these French, but the power is in you.. Wake up and use your spiritual Pineal gland to lead you Black MAN

Same story in Central America. Corrupted leaders align with foreign powers and their people get screwed. Honorable leaders who want to help their people get rubbed out.

Central America and French Africa share this underdeveloped by design relationship with their colonial masters. Without south-south cooperation a renetworked, fair global economy is impossible. Latin American and African nations ought to be leading the rebellion against the IMF and the US-European financial system designed to exclusively benefit their economies, businesses, investors and models of production.