Especially poorer countries suffer since long from the U.S.-imposed "immunity"-regulations protecting U.S.American military and civilian personnel that come as part of any parcel of U.S."Aid" - shielding their crimes ranging from fraud, ivory smuggling, rapes to murder as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

'Change your course!': Pompeo threatens ICC over US war crimes probe

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is vocal cord of Trump to the nations.
In an effort to threaten everyone into not investigating US or Israeli war crimes in the International Criminal Court, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says anyone involved in such probes will lose their visa and may be sanctioned.

The Washington war hawk said that action had to be taken because any investigation into alleged war crimes and torture committed by the United States would be a threat to US rule of law. Visas will be pulled or denied for anyone who has been involved in or even requested an ICC investigation of “any US personnel.

The ICC is currently mulling over a request to investigate possible war crimes committed by the US in Afghanistan in the course of the nearly 20-year conflict which has left over 100,000 Afghans dead. The international court prosecutor’s office says it has “reasonable basis” to believe that “war crimes and crimes against humanity” were, and continue to be, committed by foreign government forces in Afghanistan.

Pompeo openly stated that the action was intended to get the court to drop the potential investigation, and that Washington was ready to further increase the pressure if they don’t do as he says.

WATCH: Pompeo warns ICC staff about visa revocations

The court responded later in the day saying they would continue their work “undeterred” by Pompeo’s aggressive statement, and act in accordance with international law rather than Washington’s threats.

An independent and impartial judicial institution [is] crucial for ensuring accountability for the gravest crimes under international law.

Following up on National Security Advisor John Bolton’s threats against the court last year, Pompeo said that action had already been taken against members of the Hague-based court for daring to look into potential crimes committed by the US abroad. He declined to name any names or reveal how many people had been targeted.

We are determined to protect the American and allied military and civilian personnel from living in fear of unjust prosecution for actions taken to defend our great nation,” he declared.

Washington also stepped up to protect its close ally Israel from the threat of prosecution for crimes against Palestinians.

These visa restrictions may also be used to deter ICC efforts to pursue allied personnel, including Israelis, without allied consent,” he continued.

While the US signed the initial document which created the international court in 2000, it has since refused to actually become a member, and many American politicians see the court’s ability to hold the country accountable for its actions abroad as a threat to national sovereignty. Bolton later “unsigned” the document altogether.


'Mask is off': US shifts to open coercion & manipulation against ICC, analysts tell RT

The US has always kept international judicial bodies on a short leash but did it quietly. Now, the mask has slipped, experts told RT after an International Criminal Court judge resigned over threats from Washington.

Judge Christoph Fluegge had to leave the UN-run International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague last week after the United States reportedly threatened judicial staff who were inquiring about alleged US war crimes in Afghanistan.

Fluegge, a career international lawyer, told Die Zeit these threats would see the US imposing travel bans on judges or launching criminal investigations against them.

The American threats against international judges clearly show the new political climate. It is shocking. I had never heard such a threat.

The story made headlines in Germany and beyond, but pundits that RT has talked to weren't that surprised by it. 

In the past, Washington has sought to influence international judicial bodies through back channels and low-key intrigue, but with the arrival of the new administration, "interference and attacks are now in the open," says UK journalist Neil Clark. 

You know, it's the empire with its mask off.   

Christopher Black, an international criminal lawyer, shed more light on how the US, a country that has signed but not ratified the ICC Statute, manipulated the body. They did it "first of all through key personnel they have placed in the ICC, for example the prosecutors, some judges who are willing to do what they want."

When soft power doesn't work, the hard one comes into play, he explained. "A judge in my case was threatened by Americans working there that if certain passages in the judgement acquitting the general I was defending were not removed he would face physical problems."

This is the type of gangsterism they use to get their way in these tribunals.

Both analysts said Washington used the ICC rulings to hammer down defiant regimes all around the world, including in former Yugoslavia, Rwanda or Sierra Leone. That aside, there were instances of ICC decisions disrupting peace efforts in some of the worst conflicts, Clark added.

Back in 2011, the journalist recalled, deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi tried to set up negotiations with the armed opposition. Only one day later, "the ICC Prosecutor sought an arrest warrant against Gaddafi and his son and intelligence chief for crimes against humanity, therefore sabotaging any hopes for a peaceful resolution."

He found it conspicuous that the warrant followed attempts by the Libyan regime to negotiate with the rebels and seek to end the war, which "could save so many lives." Gaddafi was then murdered by a mob of rebels and Libya, once a vibrant North African country, descended into chaos.

"It goes way back. Ever since the international courts and bodies have been established, the US has tried to interfere and to use them for political purposes," Clark said.

For his part, Black said claims that the US is bringing international justice bodies to heel are not unfounded.

Not only was a judge in my case at the Rwanda tribunal pressured but I myself was threatened by the CIA while I was there to stop raising questions and presenting evidence they [the US side] did not like.

Incidentally, Judge Fluegge has been the one who voiced dissenting opinions during the controversial trials by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). He repeatedly refused to admit genocide of Bosnian Muslims by Serbian forces in Srebrenica, having been removed from a number of proceedings.

Critics of the ICTY pointed out that most of those indicted were Serbs or Montenegrins, and many have seen this as reflecting bias against former Yugoslav leadership.

Likewise, the ICC "have only gone after certain African leaders who stand in the way of EU or US interests," Black noticed, while "war criminals like [Rwandan president] Paul Kagame and [former president of Uganda] Yoweri Museveni who have killed millions of people are protected." 

Out of the people who have been indicted by The Hague-based court, "an incredibly high percentage … have been black African leaders who have not been the allies of the US," Clark said. "If you're a black African leader who doesn't do what the US [wants to do], you'll be before the ICC. If you're a white, European, Israeli or whatever, you won't be in front of it."

The US and Israel, "two of the biggest culprits of international law," disregard the ICC jurisdiction, the British journalist repeated. It raises big questions about the international justice system where "the worst transgressors of international law are not being put up before the court." Such system cannot have any credibility at all, Clark argued, saying "law has to be applied equally to all."

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UPDATE 16. March 2019:

Fifty one years ago today, American soldiers massacred over 500 Vietnamese civilians, mostly women and children in the village of My Lai, Viet Nam. The massacre occurred on 16 March 1968. According to court testimony, people were killed seconds after this photo was taken.

... just before being massacred by U.S. killers