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The City of London and Grand Theft Ethiopia

By Thomas C. Mountain - 11. July 2018

For decades now, going back to circa 1983-4 when Bob Geldoff handed over millions in cash to Meles Zenawi during “We Are the World” - supposedly for food aid for the victims of what was then the Great Ethiopian Famine - The City of London has been at the heart of Grand Theft Ethiopia - grand theft Africa really. [Also weapons were purchased with aid money.]

Without a place to stash your loot, why steal in the first place? If you can't hide your dirty money where no one can take it from you - why bother?

And this is just what The City of London has been doing, laundering Billion$, some say Tens of Billion$, of stolen “aid” money for the late Ethiopian Gangster Government  lead by Meles Zenawi. War, drought, famine followed by more war, drought and famine, The Horn of Africa maybe better called the Horn of Hunger and thanks to The City of London what was supposed to be used to feed the starving, house the homeless, nurture the sick and educate the illiterate was instead deposited in the financial cesspool calling itself a “City”, population seven thousand.

The City of London makes its own rules with some saying it was behind Brexit because it cannot survive if it must follow new EU banking regulations concerning money laundering and balance sheets. Cooking the Books is what its called and it is implanted in the DNA in the City of London.

Today Ethiopia is struggling to build a sustainable future free from debt bondage and beggary, and the Billion$ sitting in former Ethiopian leaders accounts in the City of London could go a long way towards turning the situation around.

The City of London is at the heart of international banksterism, and needs to be shut down and the ill gotten gains of crooks around the world returned to those they stole it from. The new Ethiopian peoples government has vowed to get Ethiopia’s money back and has promised a list of offenders and where they have stashed their loot. This could be the first step in helping expose how the City of London has been front and center when it comes to enabling Grand Theft Ethiopia.

(*) Author: Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and reporting from there since 2006. See Facebook at thomascmountain or best contact him at thomascmountain at g mail dot com



(vf) The financial interests of the British and their Anglo-American tentacles lets them also still fund and arm the brutal field forces of the Ethiopian regime. The so-called AGAZI paramilitary forces and the LIYU Police in the occupied Ogaden (Somalia Region/Zone 5) are responsible for the arbitrary killings of thousands of civilians and the atrocities in Ethiopia over the last decades, which continue but are not reported in the mainstream media.Over the last days many people got killed in Naqamte, Gimbi and Dambi Dollo.

In addition the USAmerican government, while partly using their vassal Germany as proxy, are supporting the "Ethiopian Police Forces to maintain peace" - deadly peace - and pay the regime to maintain their military drone basis outside Addis Ababa (in Oromo: Finfinne) to unleash targeted death in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

For the dissident Oromo and Ogadeni refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya and Uganda or other countries of first asylum the situation has not improved and only caused further delay in their granted settlements to so-called third country of asylum, because UNHCR and IOM seem to believe they should now engage in repatriation of these victims to Ethiopia. But - though quite a number of political prisoners have been released in an internationally noticed public relations stunt of the new PM Abiy Ahmed Ali , who is a former spy-master and code-hacker of the TPLF/EPDRF regime and responsible for the capability of the intelligence wings to launch crackdowns on opposition figures via telecommunication surveillance and social media hacking, the situation is far from stable or peaceful.

Many of the targeted dissidents remain jailed or are still unaccounted for - like famous Oromo spiritual leader and scholar Dabasa Guyo, who was subjected to internationally outlawed refoulement and was disappeared from Kenya despite the fact that he was a recognized refugee and asylum seeker under UNHCR protection. New arrest warrants have been issued and many believe the recent grenade attack during one of the public appearances of the new PM was a false flag operation, blaming opposing forces and using the opportunity to arrest high ranking officers not on Abiy Ahmed's line.

Therefore especially those persistently persecuted Oromos among the refugees, like the outspoken activists who stand against the toxic exploitation of the MIDROC gold mine in Oromiya or those vast numbers of Oromos who opt since decades for the independence of Oromiya from Ethiopia, still need political asylum as durable solutions outside Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt or the Sudans. None of them is trusting the present peace-hype, initiated by and focused on a person, who recently hailed Emperor Menelik during a meeting with journalists and artists to which conspicuously no Oromo was invited and those who still attended got sent off.

Are parallels to the career - culminating in the recent grand standing - of the neo-Sultan of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who even blocks Wikipedia, on the offing? Parallels in levels of verve maybe, but at present certainly with different string-holders and funders.

As we saw in Libya and see now in Syria, the F-UK-US are still on the imperial war-path, which is why Abiy Ahmed plays his role.


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REUTERS, the news-wire for the banksters, seconded immediately the heinous game:
Ex-foes Ethiopia, Eritrea eye peace dividend after historic deal

From another independent source this was revealed:

The TPLF cowards who fought to only free themselves from poverty are reportedly as follows -

    1. Melese Zenawi - 10 billion dollars + Zenawi hotel + +Papires Hotel
    2. Birhane G/kirstos - 2 billion dollars
    3. Abadi Zemo - 800 million dollars
    4. Sebhat Nega - 2.5 billion dollars
    5. Tefera Walwa - 9 million Bank of Canada
    6. Shimeles Kindie - 12 million New York City Bank
    7. Addisu Leggese - 1 bln dollars New York City Bank +Papires Hotel+ Review hotel
    8. Emdriase Eshete - 7 million New York City Bank
    9. Arkeb Ekuba - 800 million dollars
    10. Genet Zewude - 6 million New York City Bank
    11. Abay Teshaye - 2,3 billion dollars
    12. Mehamed Ridawu - 11 million Deusche Bank
    14. Bereket Simon - 100,000,000 dollars +[ bd] Rahinahil Hotel+ Blue  Nile hotel +Double Tree Four Star Hotel  [ 300 million birr]
    15. Kuma Medeksa - 6 million Bank of Canada
    16.Mohammed Al Amoudi - 10 billion dollars
    17. Azeb Mesfin - 4 billion dollars +Gonder Yirsaw Hotel
    18. Seyoum Mesfin - 1.8 billion dollars + Axum Hotels
    19. Samuel Tafesse – 1.6 billion dollars
    20. Ato G/medhine G/yohanse [ weyane's ex papas] - 800 million dollars
    21. Eyob Mamo - 500 million dollars
    22.Suhura Ismail Khan - 200 million dollars
    23. Semhale Meles - 5 billion dollars
    24. Getachew Assefa - 20 million dollars in Malaysia Bank and 10 million Dubai's Bank.
    25. EFFORT Company - 40 billion dollars
    26. Taddes Wored - 700 million dollars
    27. Samora Yonus - 800 million dollars
    29. Deberetsion G/Michael - 100 million dollars
    30. Tewdros Hagos - 200 million dollars
    31. Omer Ali Shifaw - 800 million dollars
    32 . Yemiru Nega - $100 million
    33. Girma Birru - $300 million
    34. Minwuyelet Atnafu - $400 million
    35. Ketema Kebede - $400 million
    36. Tadesse Haile - $250 million
    37. Abdullah Bagersh - $150 million.
    38. Dr. Addimasu Tsegaye - 1.5 billion birrs
    39. Issayas baheri - 5 ,000,000 birrs
    40. Abbadula Gamada - Ayu International Hotel in Bishoftu
    41. Helawi Yosef - 1,000,000 birrs
    42  Gohitom Yayihu - 10 million birrs from EOTC

This list is incomplete, because the friends of the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, who tries to recover these funds, are not named.

PM Abiy Ahmed Ali flew immediately after obtaining power to Saudi Arabia i.a. to discuss the case of the present "owner" of the MIDROC Goldmine in Lega Dembi in Oromiya. Mogul "Sheikh" Hussein Ali Allah Mudhin is a double citizen of Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia and had been detained by the Saudi kingdom's powerful and powerhungry Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - since 18. October 2018 addmittedly implicated in the blunt murder of journalist Jamal Khachoggi, whom sources named also as a spy for Turkey - alongside others on tax and corruption charges. So far the Oromo people haven't seen a single dime from the goldmine on their land. But the confirmed and true accounts of many killed, incarcerated or fled Oromo activists, who protested also against the environmental destruction the toxic mine causes in their homeland, speak for themselves.


The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

•Sep 14, 2018

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Michael Oswald's film The Spider's Web reveals how at the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands. Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance.

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