U.S. bombed the wrong troops in Somalia


September 29, 2016 – In the early hours of Wednesday, the U.S. forces, together with Puntland ground troops, attacked military units of Galmudug State of Somalia, using aerial bombardment in an operation dubbed as “counter terrorism against Al Shabaab” at Jeehdin village in Mudug region.

This unprovoked and reckless attack has massacred scores of Galmudug soldiers, including civilian villagers, which represent the first act of war of its kind against the Galmudug State of Somalia, its people and the sovereignty of Somalia under the international law.  

Galmudug administration strongly condemns the cowardly attack against its forces, which also destroyed a water point facility and armed vehicles of the State carrying routing operations to protect the people against the threat Al Qaeda and its affiliates in Somalia.

Governor of Mudug, Mr. Abdirashid Hashi Artan urged security agencies of Galmudug to adopt measures to respond to the blatant aggression staged by Puntland militia who misled U.S. forces with clan-motivated intelligence and logistical support.

“We will never accept the false allegation by the U.S. Pentagon Spokesman, Captain Jeff Davis, who characterized the massacre of our soldiers as a ‘self-defense strike against Al Shabaab’ when in fact it was our forces within their own territory which remains a clear violation of the international law, rules of engagement and territorial integrity of Somalia” said Artan, Governor of Mudug Region.

He added, “On behalf of the State, we send condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers at Jeehdin, including the innocent civilians who were all the victims of a cowardly bombardment in their own country. We will never forget their sacrifices and commitments for keeping the peace in our region.”

Galmudug calls for the Federal Government of Somalia to review the policy and mandates of all foreign military trainers in the country who often operate with the commands, and false intelligence of regional clan militia at the detriment of Federal Member States soldiers in Somalia.

The international community should refrain any act of war, or assisting reckless individuals, including heads of clan administrations by carrying out their bidding for destabilizing Somalia.

This unprovoked attack on Galmudug military by U.S. forces will have serious ramifications both in our relations with U.S. counter terrorism programs and future collaborations in the region.

Governor Artan has declared a state of emergency for three days across Mudug, while assuring the public that justice will be served.

In the meantime, Galmudug State of Somalia will adopt preventive measures to protect itself from further military threats in the future, including foreign as well as domestic elements in Somalia who operate and conduct illegal operations beyond their jurisdictions with total impunity.