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PROLOGUE: The PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION model is used again by neo-colonial, fascist forces under western command and control structures to militarise Africa further.
Elephant and rhino slaughter is a win-win-win situation for the F-UK-US military-industrial complex, while the Elephants had and still have to die to foster this sick agenda.

DEAD POACHER – as seen by colonialist

By Venatrix Fulmen (*), 01. December 2013

UPDATE – 20. Dec. 2013 TANZANIA:

Four ministers removed from their posts
20.Dec. 2014

Investigations into U.S.American funded OPERATION TOKOMEZA revealed horrendous acts, such as raping, theft and many others that resulted into deaths of innocent civilians, mostly pastoralists, during crazy "anti-poaching"-drives carried out by the armed forces and other security personnel.

The minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Hon. Ambassador Khamis Kagasheki has resigned his ministerial post, citing pressure from a cross section of Members of Parliament, who accused him of mishandling 'Operation Tokomeza.'

Earlier, the legislators had called on Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda, to resign for failure to take appropriate measure against four ministers— Natural Resources and Tourism minister, Ambassador Khamis; Minister of Home Affairs, Emmanuel Nchimbi; and Minister of Defence and National Service, Shamsi Vuai Nahodha.

This came after a special investigative report on the implementation of the operation revealed horrendous acts, such as raping, theft and many others that resulted into deaths to innocent civilians mostly pastoralists.

Elephants and People have to die to foster neo-colonial agenda

The instruction manual for connecting the dots in East-Africa is quiet a hefty one, but looking for the dollar signs is always a good start.

USAmerican president Obama’s trip to Africa in 2013 was controversial enough, since it did cost his taxpayers an astounding 100 million dollars, but to add insult to injury, he pledged a minimum of $7 billion dollars to “enlighten Africa” by boosting access to electricity across those parts of the continent that still do not resist against the Anglo-American lures. “Power Africa” will add better capacity to 20 million homes and commercial entities in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania over the next 5 years, was declared. Naturally this is being couched in presumed economic benefits for America, as summarized by CNN: “The trip aims to bolster U.S. investment opportunities, address development issues such as food security and health, and promote democracy.”  Nice buzz-word cover for neo-colonial take-overs in the energy, agriculture and global governance sectors.

However, during his stay in Tanzania Obama re-fuelled also the band-wagon of clandestine operations, that are using “conservation-efforts” to cover for other goals by donating in addition many millions to so-called “anti-poaching” efforts. Tanzania responded bravely by deploying army personnel  and camera-equipped drones to engage in military operations in their vast wildlife reserves, though also in that country members of the armed forces themselves have in the past been found guilty and were involved in poaching of elephants and ivory smuggling.  The results are outright atrocities, extra-judicial murder of innocent villagers, raping of village women and a horrible further alienation of especially the pastoralist communities from their wildlife.

But not only Tanzanian military personnel strays: David McNevin, who had served as Defence Attaché at the American Embassy in Nairobi, was stopped in June 2013 at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while bound for a  flight to Amsterdam with illegal ivory in his luggage. His subsequent arrest showed that also government-educated people from the USA, a state who proclaims to work to stop poaching also of Kenya’s elephants, are engaged in ivory smuggling. The timing of the bust was particularly incongruous. On the same day, July 1, that McNevin was then arraigned in court, President Obama pledged in neighbouring Tanzania the additional $10 million in aid to help halt wildlife trafficking and to create a presidential task force on the matter. A Kenyan police spokeswoman said that Mr. McNevin pleaded guilty and paid a small fine of around $350 (30,000 shillings). “He was in a hurry to finish the case and get on his way,” she stated as if the case would have been nothing unusual.

Indeed such is not uncommon, since also in the USA a thriving ivory market exists, because Obama was not even able to impose a ban on domestic ivory trade in his own country. Still at least 30 percent of the ivory in the USA is illegal and with no outright ban also the black markets will not dry out. Obama’s “executive orders” only mingle in foreign affairs, though even there he doesn’t dare to touch the appalling “sports”-killers, who mainly come from America to kill African wildlife and carry the trophies, including ivory, home.

Just shortly before McNevin was arrested, the Deputy Director of the Amboseli Trust of Elephants (ATE), Susan Soile, and her son Robert Ntawasa were on 13. May. 2013 charged with the illegal possession of 19 kg of ivory, which was found together with them in their car. ATE used to receive and eat USAmerican funding for elephant surveillance as well.

Obama awarded Tanzania with the special “conservation” funding despite the fact that the country is officially still engaged also in so called “sports-hunting”, whereby the differences between poaching and the legalized killing of wildlife are often blurred. Ultra-rich friends and compatriots of the U.S.-American president, like hedge-fund-based, got-lucky-locust Paul Tudor Jones II, even managed to fool almost everyone by reserving just for himself and friends – among them Colin Powell and Walter Kansteiner – exclusive hunting rights in Western Serengeti by grabbing two former game reserves and turning them with journos-for-hire and a publicity stunt into “conservation areas” for the public relations machine serving his interests – among them a seven star lodge for the bolt, the rich and the powerful. There Paul now enjoys his Rambo-style bow-hunting by using compound bows – modern killing machines with space-age carbon-fibre technology for the sophisticated killer of even the strongest buffalo or lion, while his rangers imprison and kill local people, who dare to snatch a wildebeest for food. His Tanzanian lawyer, who worked hard as stirrup holder in this already 10 year old scam, was found death recently under still not clear and mysterious circumstances by “falling” out of an upper floor of a hospital in Nairobi. The 39 year old advocate died instantly after hitting the hard ground of the medical facility, where he had sought refuge for his health and from the many pressing issues involving these and other land-deals for “conservation” and wildlife hunting.

Meanwhile the legalized insurgence of Arab elephant-, lion- and other game-shooters from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) persists unabated in Tanzania’s infamous Loliondo game area, though President Kikwete recently had to back off from plans to give even more community land to these Sheikhs and their princes with military background. They and their henchmen  have been accused but of course never tried for numerous reported atrocities in their hunting-holiday zone. Many cases of false arrests even of children, mutilations, injuries and death of the local Maasai people accompany this Arab venture since years and with impunity as the norm.

Violent death comes quick in the East African wild-lands. The murder of an investigative journalist in Nairobi on 28th May 2008 remains still unsolved. Just before New Zealand photographer Trent Keegan was killed, he had been on a photo assignment in Loliondo, covering a parallel land dispute between Thomson Safari company and the Maasai.. Trent’s laptop and camera were stolen when he was killed, but the robbers left his bulging wallet and passport on his body. Kenyan police said at the time the attack on Trent didn’t look like a normal mugging and until today many unanswered questions about his death remain. Why did a Thomson staff member later boast about having files from Trent’s stolen laptop? Why was the District Commissioner, a stout supporter of Thomson Safaris, seen in his office with photos that could only have come from Trent’s laptop or camera?

Across the colonial border between Tanzania and Kenya, which still divides the indigenous First Nation of the Maasai, officials and citizens alike not just wondered why their “Kenyan son” Barack Hussein still didn’t visit them, but now they ponder how to get hold of such fat monies for “conservation”.

Sure enough another family-group of three elephants died in a hail of bullets just days later, which was then again widely publicized and protest marches against poaching were designed, funded and staged with verve. In times where twitter-feeds have substituted rational thought by just providing manipulated mass-opinion, frenzies are created easily – but do they help to solve the problems? It becomes clear that in most cases these drives are externally funded and often just part of a pre-designed problem-reaction-solution model, which has been so successfully deployed already earlier and is able to even bring nations to war with each other based on false assumptions – like with the infamous and faked propaganda of the alleged existence of so called weapons-of-mass-destruction in Iraq.

In all this such essential questions like why a butchered elephant herd of seven in Tsavo National Park had received the deadly bullets in January 2013 from above and who could manage such an attack from the air are never touched. The appallingly impoverished local people can’t fly with a helicopter into these areas and Somalia’s Al-Shabaab doesn’t have any aircraft. Or was it a drone exercise?


While the anti-poaching marches in many capitals around the world went as planned, in Kenya the designers and followers had to resort to a small venue, since just days earlier a shopping centre was attacked by alleged Al Shabaab terrorists and security concerns went haywire. The confusion about this incident continues today since it emerged that not 18 attackers as earlier claimed by Kenyan security forces but just four gun-men had opened fire. It also transpired that the collapse of part of the Westgate Mall, which reportedly is owned by the same conglomerate as the buildings affected during 9/11, was caused by bazookas and mortars fired by the Kenya Defence Force personnel themselves. The Kenyan Army, which calls itself since the invasion of Somalia now Kenya Defence Force, had taken over command at the shopping mall after a row with the better trained General Service Unit, which had cleared most areas already in the afternoon of the first day and managed the rescue of most survivors. However, GSU Recce Squad leader Martin Munene Kithinji was soon killed at the scene after he had refused to back off. At first this killing was said to be the work of alleged Al-Shabaab terrorists, but then it turned out to have been “friendly fire”, which caused his death and ultimately lead to the withdrawal of his unit. When then the alleged “stand-off” between the army and the assailants, who had already escaped or were dead, was extended to four days, during which the Kenyan army personnel were found looting the shops – as leaks from the confiscated and still not officially released CCTV camera-footage did prove – even the most ignorant or innocent citizens got the idea that the whole case was fishy. It appears to be difficult to stage a false-flag incident in Africa.

Larry Silverstein’s Silverstein Properties and Lowy’s Westfield America leased the shopping concourse area called the Mall at the World Trade Center, made up of approximately 427,000 square feet of retail floor space, insured the complex for $3.55 billion, but after the attacks of September 11 lodged a claim for $7.1 billion on the premise that each plane collision constituted a separate act of terrorism, doubling the payout. Frank Lowy is also at the helm of the Nairobi Westgate Shopping Mall, which was insured with KSh 6.6billion at Lloyds of London before the attack and Nairobi once again seems to be at the centre of a mystery, which shall not be solved by commissions of inquiry or parliamentary committees, like the untimely death of former Internal Security Minister Prof. George Saitoti, who had been standing in the ascent of the current president,  in a crash of an almost new Eurocopter just 10 minutes after take-off.

That just now on 17. November 2013, a Sunday morning, Australian Patrick Richer, who as advertising specialist and designer was involved in the “Hands Off Our Elephants” campaign, was murdered by killers dressed in uniforms of the Kenyan Administration Police, who shot him in his rented house in a plush, security-conscious Nairobi estate,  is noteworthy, though it is not clear yet, if also this case fits into the framework. But three hi-jacking cases in Kenya across the Somali border, including one murder and another death of a victim, served clearly as the raison d’etre for the Kenyan military to invade Somalia, where the Kenyan troops live now the well funded life of AU-backed and US-financed occupants.

Critical voices of people, who know how such expeditions backfire in Africa, were quickly muzzled. Award-winning photojournalist and activist Boniface Mwangi: “The new government is being advised by a British advising firm – it was actually the same firm that advised the US government on how to deal with insurgency in Afghanistan.  They are a very smart PR company, they know how to package lies and make it look like the truth, they know how to package crap and sell it to the electorate.”

While back home Obama was criticized for his expensive Africa-trip, the White House moved on to at least make the spending in Tanzania plausible and tried to elevate illegal wildlife trafficking to an urgent national security concern. Questions how a dead elephant in Africa touches USAmerican “national” security concerns remained at first unanswered, but then quickly the designated terrorist group “Al Shabaab” (The Youth) of Somalia was inserted as anchor and to stitch the whole public opinion exercise together. Already earlier the “Somali Pirates” had served nothing but the exercise to unite the navies of the European countries under one – and then “of course” British – command, something which had never existed before – not even under NATO.

The fight against Somalia’s enfranchised terror group serves likewise as common denominator to unite USAmerican military might and their African proxies by all means – with the “elephant-wars” giving an opportunity to extent the tentacles under AFRICOM into National Parks and other remote areas and to use local training facilities of wildlife services for USAmerican military needs. Such European military trainers had done already by training Somali government forces in a wildlife service centre at Kenya’s Tsavo National Park. After the training at Manyani, some recruits went straight into the ranks of Al-Shabaab and the secrecy with which this training had been conducted, raised the alarm in local communities, who felt that such is endangering their lives by possible retaliation from Somalia.

The term “Government” is in the second official language, the vernacular KiSwahili, dubbed SIRI KALI, which means directly translated: Harsh [ly enforced] Secret. But “secret” is never good in international public relation exercises, which is why now the further militarization of the African countries by western forces is often cloaked under “joint training exercises” or with the camouflaged layer of “engaging in wildlife conservation”. Yes – to ultimately conserve it as trophy at home overseas or as food and currency for the criminal gangs worldwide, which more often than not collaborate perfectly with the clandestine governmental machinations, called Black Ops. – from Nicaragua to Chad.

Meanwhile duty-relieved former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham-Clinton, who herself had accepted ivory gifts in the past, jumped with her Clinton Foundation, including daughter Chelsea, on this gravy-train and again triggered expectations for money-showers in conservation circles. It is, however, not yet known if the $80 million she promised are part of the $100 million Obama pledged while in Tanzania and if her organization only serves as the overhead cashing channel. But Chelsea Clinton was then quickly ushered to be the “editor-in-chief” of the BBC for a day to massage the masses to the idea of shoot-to-kill based “conservation” activities.

Only two weeks later the British then were jealously trying to pull even with their transatlantic cousins by recruiting and sending British special forces into the game, brainwashed by the carefully maintained, Euro-centric memes – like the one of the bad local poacher vs. the good “white hunter”. Since hunting is officially banned in Kenya and the old scheme, where the white hunter arrives to help local communities to kill a dangerous beast in Africa hardly can be sustained, since like in Kenya the local wildlife service personnel is more than happy to do that by themselves and get a feast out of shooting a “problem animal”, the “hunting” now concentrates on the two-legged alleged predators.

Maintaining the Grip

While attempts just before Kenya’s independence to establish a British shooting and war-training range west of the Ngong-Hills near the Kenyan capital Nairobi was refused already in 1964 by the indigenous Maasai, it was then placed north near the white-occupied Laikipia district in Samburu-Land – without any consent of the local population. And it is still there. Obviously the British military involvement in Kenya has never ended since the first colonialists set foot in East-Africa, though calls for a second liberation have grown louder and louder.

Today this British training facility is operated by a British command, which sports a black Rhino head on blood-red ground as their logo. That it was nobody else but British soldiers, who during one of their training exercises shot and killed one of the precious Rhinos on a white-owned ranch in Laikipia, seems already to be forgotten. The four soldiers on training, who were stationed on Mpala Ranch, claimed “self-defence” and got away scotch-free by explaining they had lost directions. But they killed the Rhino on neighbouring Ol Jogi ranch, and in order to arrive there, they would have had to cross a river and surmount an electric rhino fence.

But the “Johnnies” don’t just kill a rhino or engage in fights in the bars and brothels of Laikipia county: Many legal cases against British soldiers on training for raping, impregnating, injuring and even killing have been documented, and some were won by people from the Samburu thanks to an engaged human rights lawyer from London. However, and following the model of the USA, which with their bilateral contracts nowadays rules out any prosecution of USAmerican personnel by a court in the country where they committed the crime, Africans will be subjected to such colonial high-handedness and impunity now also at the hands of the British again, because similar arrangements in form of memoranda of understanding do exist. The exact content of these inter-governmental memoranda, however, remain secret.

Nevertheless, and despite the fact that local people in Kenya  are also often maimed or crippled by exploding British ordnances carelessly left in the field, the British military presence shall now be enlarged with further troops – deployed as response to the preposterously fronted but so far unproven allegations against Al Qaeda affiliates being responsible for the Elephant and Rhino killings.

It becomes clear, however, that for the UK government the actual task is to enlarge their military presence in Kenya under the disguise of fighting against the alleged Al Qaeda franchise Al-Shabaab, who – as the Brits say – are now poachers, though this is disputed not only by the Islamists themselves but also by insiders in Kenya, who know who the real culprits are and point fingers even to the official wildlife service. Two Kenya Wildlife Service guards implicated in a recent, brazen theft of ivory from an allegedly secure government stockpile were fired but not prosecuted, while other wildlife officials implicated are often only transferred to new posts.

The militarization scheme of the wildlands started in Kenya a couple of years back with the rehabilitation of Meru National Park in the central North, whereby the French Government paid for consultancies and infrastructure to create a security corridor against the “nomadic hordes from the North”.

The recently upgraded USAmerican funding to the infamous World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for the use of drones in anti-poaching Africa-wide, is topped up by a $5 million grant from Google for drone surveillance and spatial data gathering in Namibia. Google, who recently was kicked out of Germany with their street-surveillance operation, can experiment now with the new technology in Africa under the disguise of “anti-poaching”, while it is clear that such is all part of a global surveillance move, enhanced with para-military training and operations by US Special Forces and British Paratroopers in the wildlife areas of Africa.

While the “Western Allies” recently chose to earmark the Lords Resistance Army of Northern Uganda, the notorious Janqawid riders of Sudan and the M23 rebels of eastern Congo as well as other groups as legitimate military targets under the shoot-to-kill-the-poacher agenda for public relations purposes, the British spin-doctors have chosen to follow the lines of the USA by stating that “Islamic terrorists are slaughtering elephants and rhinos to fund their war on the West” but add the Royal card: “Prince Charles and William care for many of the planet’s most iconic animals, which are under threat, in their portfolio through the World Wide Fund for Nature – a royal invention anyway.

This they proclaim despite the known fact that the mass of illegal ivory goes to China, Japan, and through Thailand to the Vatican and the Buddhist workshops.

Meanwhile honest nature protection organizations working hand in hand with the real owners of these wild-lands or the indigenous peoples’ organizations themselves are notoriously kept underfunded or are forced to close, while the pseudo-conservationists thrive as long as they work in the fronting shops of the military-industrial complex, serve governmental total surveillance, man the mercenary outfits or help to test technologies forbidden in the West.

The abhorrent example of the strategic slaughter of 60 million Bison after illegally seizing 7.3mio acres of land – violating a treaty – from the Lakota people in the USA is today repeated Africa-wide, targeting elephants and rhinos to create the problem, turning them into assets on often privately and foreign-owned ranches or so-called National Parks and by alienating the indigenous peoples from their natural heritage. African first nations are persistently dis-enfranchized  and their traditional connect with their wildlife is continually annihilated. What started in Southern Africa with the San, the famous bush-people, continues now in Kenya, Tanzania and elsewhere – the annihilation of the first nations together with their wildlife.  Easy game for the real criminals to make a buck and for the “anti-poachers” with ulterior motif to secure western economic interests.

But for the problem-reaction-solution model to work, first the problem has to be created and maintained, which is why most likely the Elephants and Rhinos will have to continue to die, if the public allows the scam to persist. Early November 2013 Kenya’s Attorney General Githu Muigai said the country had already lost 90 elephants and 35 rhinos to “poachers” this year.


Just some days ago poachers slaughtered a rhino in one of Kenya’s best guarded wildlife parks in a brazen attack. Poachers infiltrated Lewa’s borders during the full moon night on November 17 and killed ‘Meluaya’ a 17-year-old black rhino – on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, where Britain’s Prince William stayed with Catherine before proposing marriage. It was a strange night just shortly after the solar eclipse and with eight different volcanoes erupting on six different continents. The statement from conservancy had to declare: “Both horns were removed and the poachers got away with them.”

This despite the fact that Lewa’s more than 60 rhino are monitored every day by special surveillance teams, who are part of a security force of 150 staff and even carry automatic assault weapons. They include the heavily armed rangers and the dog handlers, who patrol with bloodhounds around some 150 kilometres (90 miles) of high-voltage electric fence surrounding the private park. Conservancy personnel also use aerial surveillance with planes and drones to monitor the animals and try to track intruders and poachers.

This shows once again that even the most severe and sophisticated policing and militarization of wildlife conservation areas can never work in isolation from the surrounding communities. Actually it is counter-productive to the highest extent, because not only the Elephants never forget, but also the local people do not forgive, if a man, who based on his traditional culture caught an antelope to feed his family, is killed by foreign Ninja-turtles or a local wildlife service under an anti-terrorism overdrive, whereby the total alienation between the local people and their wildlife is perfected.

The uphill battle against African poaching has parallels to the war on drugs, where the militarized law enforcement-and-interdiction approach has been an extraordinarily expensive, bloody failure, used only to militarise local governments further and to terrorize local people.

Since Mozambique is now preparing for elections and the opposition RENAMO has due to oppressive moves by the ruling government been forced to actively restart their bush-campaigns again in the vast North of the country, where also most Elephants in Mozambique live, it can be expected that the next “training” support to wildlife protection will be given to the governing FRELIMO, which is apparently designated to stay in power as vassal for and by the USA and Europe. Watch this space.

(*) Author and investigative journalist Venatrix Fulmen can be reached via 


One way or the other – imperialism and colonialism are still the root cause and “trophies” are still the targets


“British troops drafted in to save

elephants from Al Shabaab terrorists”

ELITE British soldiers are being drafted in to help frontline forces fighting Al Shabaab terrorists who are slaughtering elephants and rhinos to fund their war on the West.

By: Stuart Winter - 10. November 2013

Troops from 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment will support Kenyan wildlife rangers trying to stop the trade in “black ivory”.The Al Qaeda-linked group is funding its terrorist activities selling so-called “blood ivory” and rhino horn on the black market. Every month it is thought to earn the Somali terror group £400,000.The profits allow them to pay jihadist fighters £75 a week to carry out atrocities such as the one which left 67 dead in the Westgate shopping centre attack in Nairobi.Tackling poaching as well as highlighting the global impacts of wildlife crime and habitat destruction has become the driving force of Britain’s new initiative, If They’re Gone.Prince Charles and Prince William revealed the increasing threats to some of the planet’s most iconic creatures when they hosted a summit at Clarence House earlier this year. Delegates were told the illegal wildlife trade was now worth £12billion a year.

“Illegal poaching is having a devastating effect on some of the world’s most iconic species” – Owen Paterson

On the platform was Environment Secretary Owen Paterson who visited Kenya last week to commit British military support to Africa in its struggle to protect its wildlife.Rhino poaching alone has increased by 3,000 per cent in recent years, with one of these gentle animals now being killed every 11 hours. A rhino horn is worth more than its weight in cocaine to terror groups or crime syndicates.The price of “blood ivory” has seen poaching gangs resort to increasingly desperate tactics, such as poisoning watering holes, to kill elephants.As many as 38,000 will die for their tusks this year.In the coming weeks, 25 British troops will give Kenya’s rangers expert training. It is greatly needed, at least 60 Kenyan rangers have been killed in the line of duty. Mr Paterson said: “Illegal poaching is having a devastating effect on some of the world’s most iconic species.
Leiman said: “The plight of the orang-utan is very serious”

“By joining forces with those on the frontline in Kenya, our armed services will be able to provide training and support to the courageous people who put their lives on the line every day.”

Brigadier Duncan Francis, the UK’s defence attache in Nairobi, added: “This is an excellent example of the British Army taking positive action on an issue close to many people’s hearts.

“The 25 soldiers will be making an immense contribution to securing the future of some of the world’s most endangered species.”

The Government is also launching another wildlife campaign tomorrow, this time highlighting the desperate plight of the orang-utan.

As few as 60,000 of these gentle creatures survive in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, their habitat destroyed as trees are felled to make way for the palm oil industry.

The oil is used widely in food and cosmetics. Illegal logging, fires and drainage have all taken their toll.

The flesh of these apes, which share 96 per cent of their DNA with humans, is also prized as bushmeat. Others are seized to be sold on as pets. They often die in misery in captivity.

Last week three men were arrested by the Indonesian Natural Resources Conservation Agency after pictures emerged of an orang-utan being eaten. ­Villagers said they found the ape after it was shot. They held up its hands, all that was left after the bloody feast.

Tomorrow Environment Minister Lord de Mauley will launch the latest If They’re Gone campaign as part of Orang-utan Awareness Week.

Lord de Mauley said: “Everyone can make a difference by buying products made with sustainable palm oil.”

Orang-utan Awareness Week is organised by the Orang-utan Foundation. Its director Ashley Leiman said: “The plight of the orang-utan is very serious.

“More than 80 per cent of their habitat has been lost over the past 20 years.”


Meanwhile not only the paid-for mainstream media but even an animal petition-site, which interestingly was launched by a Chinese “activist”, mislead animal lovers worldwide to garner “moral” support for this sham and scam of the foreign troopers!

The colonial and recent history is full of atrocities against indigenous peoples under the disguise of “anti-poaching”, like it was when the British secured the lucrative ivory trade for themselves during the colonial period and later until the hunting ban in Kenya 1973. “Anti-Poaching” often went hand in hand with outright murder, while the real culprits with impunity went scot free. Only in rare cases the real criminals are hit – but then often enough the defenders of the true wildlife go to jail, like recently in Zimbabwe:

Since in Tanzania and South-Africa still the Sport-Killers from the West can do what they just pay for, the authorities are biased to allow that business or get corrupted, while the local people are terrorized. But most people people the world over do already now better understand and begin to haunt at least these killers:

See also:

… and be aware: The USA Razing Hell through 35 African Countries


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