Larry Klayman Files $20 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Against China for ‘Creation and Release’ of COVID-19

The last time we checked in on Larry Klayman, he had conducted a deposition of Roger Stone that will not soon be forgotten. This time he is taking on China.

By - 19. March 2020

According to a class action lawsuit Klayman filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas on Tuesday, China should pay up at least $20 trillion dollars whether it intentionally or unintentionally caused the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Klayman is a conservative lawyer who has represented George Zimmerman in a lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s family, Laura Loomer, and Jerome Corsi, to name a few. He founded conservative groups Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, and once explored a Senate run in Florida in the early 2000s.

Klayman, Freedom Watch, Buzz Photos (a Texas business that has lost substantial business as a consequence of the pandemic), and members of the class sued the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Liberation Army, the Liberation Army’s Major General Chen Wei, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and Director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology Shi Zhengli.


Klayman alleges that COVID-19 was “designed by China to be a biological weapon of war.” Whether or not China intended to release it, Klayman claims that China violated “U.S. law, international laws, treaties and norms.”

“Because China has agreed by treaty to outlaw such weapons, these actions cannot be official governmental actions of the People’s Republic of China and are not subject to any possible claim of legal immunity from suit,” the lawsuit said. “Although the actual release of the COVID-19 bioweapon appears to have been unintentional and not intended to be released in the laboratory’s backyard, the purpose of maintaining the virus within the laboratory was to use it to kill U.S. citizens and other persons and entities in nations perceived to be an enemy of China.”

“COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous disease, because it has an extremely aggressive nature, was designed to mutate from person to person, spreads very quickly and easily, no vaccine exists yet on account of it being a new disease, the means of transmission are not fully known with certainty, and treatments are only just being worked out, and the disease appears to be about ten times as deadly as the flu,” the lawsuit continued. “COVID-19 was designed by China to be a very “effective” and catastrophic biological warfare weapon to kill mass populations.”

For its “callous and reckless indifference and malicious acts,” China should pay at least $20 trillion dollars, Klayman argued.

Klayman said there were six causes of action: aiding and abetting the risk of death or serious bodily injuries to U.S. citizens, provision of material support to terrorists, conspiracy to cause injury and death of U.S. citizens, negligence, wrongful death, assault and battery.

A similar class action lawsuit was filed (not by Klayman) last week in Florida. It alleged that China covered up the pandemic in its own economic interest.

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$20 trillion lawsuit against China! U.S. group says coronavirus is bioweapon

The plaintiffs have sought USD 20 trillion, which is a bigger amount than China's GDP, claiming coronavirus is the result of a biological weapon prepared by the Chinese authorities

The novel Coronavirus spread since 2019.

By Anwesha Madhukalya - 26 March 2020

Coronavirus news: China has a microbiology lab in Wuhan

A $20 trillion lawsuit has been filed against Chinese authorities in the US over coronavirus outbreak.

American lawyer Larry Klayman and his advocacy group Freedom Watch along with Texas company Buzz Photos have filed the lawsuit against the Chinese government, Chinese army, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Director of Wuhan Institute of Virology Shi Zhengli and Chinese army's Major General Chen Wei.

The plaintiffs have sought $20 trillion, which is a bigger amount than China's GDP, claiming coronavirus is the result of a biological weapon prepared by the Chinese authorities.

They have accused China of aiding and abetting death, provision of material support to terrorists, conspiracy to cause injury and death of US citizens, negligence, wrongful death, and assault and battery.

They allege the virus had released from the Wuhan Virology Institute. The plaintiffs stated that the COVID-19 virus was "designed" by China to kill mass populations. Biological weapons were outlawed in 1925 and hence such a biological weapon is a terrorist-related weapon of mass destruction, the lawsuit mentioned.

The American group cites multiple media reports that said that there was only one microbiology lab in China that handled advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus -- in Wuhan. To cover up, the plaintiffs alleged, China linked statements on coronavirus with national security protocols.

Klayman and the plaintiffs also alleged that Chinese doctors and researchers who spoke out about coronavirus and "raised the alarm to the outside world internationally" have been "silenced". They added that such was the desperation of Major General Chen to save herself from the virus that she injected herself and six members of her team with a potential vaccine that was yet to be tested.

They also alleged that all the defendants were working together to perpetuate "international terrorism".

The lawsuit stated that while coronavirus is slow-acting and slow-spreading to be used against a country's military, "it was designed to be used against the general population of one or more of China's perceived enemy nations, such as the United States."

The American plaintiffs also asked for a jury trial against the Chinese defendants.