UPDATE 14. February 2020: Canadians of all walks of life show great solidarity with the peaceful Indigenous people that have come under unwarranted fire from governmental paratrooper-aggression on their own, unceded territory in the West of Canada and have resorted to sending a message to Premier Trudeau junior - saying that the corporate and state terrorism against innocent people is wrong - by blocking railway lines all over the country. The government of Canada has now stopped goods and passenger train services in several zones - including trans-boundary services to and from the USA - in an attempt to pitch affected firms and other parts of the public against the protestors. 

UPDATE 11. February 2020: BC Legislature and Ministry of Justice OCCUPIED. Due to the encampment at the Legislature the ceremonial events at the front of the Parliament Buildings, including the inspection of the Guard of Honour by the Lieutenant Governor, have been cancelled for tomorrow for Throne Speech. #bcpoli Indigenous youth are also occupying the office of Carolyn Bennett (Canadian Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations) at 40 Holly Street in Toronto. Offices Occupied & Ports, Freeways, and Railroads Shut Down Across Canada. DownWithTheCrown. The African Union (AU) must ensure that this neo-colonial Canadian settler-government under Justin Trudau jr. NEVER will get a seat in the U.N. security council.

Canadian Settler Government in Violation of International Law

RED ALERT - Indigenous women abducted by armed raiders on orders of Justin Trudeau and his settler-thugs.

Unist’ot’en Matriarchs Abducted.

Stand with Unist’ot’en Now!



Justin Trudeau and John J. Horgan must be removed from office for being mentally ill and giving these illegal orders to the Apartheid Goons of the RCMP.

Unist’ot’en Territory, Feb 10, 2020 – A convoy of armed RCMP tactical units has invaded sovereign and unceded Unist’ot’en Territory to enforce Coastal GasLink’s injunction. Our Unist’ot’en Matriarchs and lands defenders have been forcibly removed off their lands.

Unist’ot’en Matriarchs Freda Huson (Chief Howihkat), Brenda Michell (Chief Geltiy), and Dr. Karla Tait have been forcibly removed off our territories and and were abducted.

Our matriarchs were illegally 'arrested' while holding a ceremony to call on our ancestors and to honour missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

We, the Unist’ot’en, know that violence on our lands and violence on our women are connected. During ceremony, we hung red dresses to remember the spirits of the murdered women, girls and two spirit people taken from us.

We were holding a cremation for the Canadian Indigenous Reconciliation industry as the RCMP battered through the gates. Land defenders, including Victoria Redsun (Denesuline), Autumn Walken (Nlaka’pamux), and Pocholo Alen Conception have also been abducted.

Illegal aggression by armed RCMP tactical unit sniper against peaceful people at Unist'ot'en Camp on unceded territory which does not belong to Canada. The land of the Unist'ot'en is as extraterritorial as any property of a foreign embassy in Canada.

Unist’ot’en condemns these violent, colonial arrests and stark violations of Wet’suwet’en law, Canadian law, and of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). This is also a clear violation of the recent directive from the UN Committee on Racial Discrimination (CERD) requiring Canada to halt the Coastal GasLink pipeline project and withdraw RCMP from our territory in order to avoid further violations of Wet’suwet’en, constitutional, and international law.

We, as Wet’suwet’en, have never ceded our sovereign title and rights over the 22,000 square kilometers of our land, waters, and resources within our Yintah. Our ‘Anuc niwh’it’ën (Wet’suwet’en law) and feast governance systems remain intact and continue to govern our people and our lands. We recognize the authority of these systems. The Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs are the Title Holders, and maintain the authority and jurisdiction to make decisions on unceded lands.

Our Wet’suwet’en Territory is divided into 5 clans and 13 house groups. Each clan within the Wet’suwet’en Nation has full jurisdiction under our law to control access to their respective territories. We have governed ourselves sustainably since time immemorial. The Unist’ot’en (Dark House) is occupying and using our traditional territory as we have for centuries. Our homestead is a peaceful expression of our connection to our territory and demonstrates the continuous use and occupation of our territories in accordance with our governance structure. Our Unist’ot’en Yin’tah is a place of healing. It is home to Wet’suwet’en people seeking refuge from colonial trauma. People recovering from addiction. People reconnecting with the land.

We have the strength of our ancestors within us. We have the solidarity of our Indigenous relatives and allies with us. We have the power of people shutting down railways, highways, ports, and government offices all around this country. Thank you to people all around this planet making our struggle your struggle. The flames of resistance and the resurgence of Indigenous land reclamation give us strength. We know our neighbours and relatives are with us. We know the two-leggeds and the four-leggeds are watching over us. These arrests don’t intimidate us. Police enforcement doesn’t intimidate us. Colonial court orders don’t intimidate us. Men in suits and their money don’t intimidate us.

We are still here.

We will always be there.

This is not over.

















Investors, who do not want to have to tell their daughters and sons that they hold shares in unethical ventures, already have started to divest.

Alberta citizens must stand up and tell their public-sector pension managers to get the hell out of CoastalGasLink (CGL).

LNG prices hit a record low on the benchmark Japan Korea Marker, falling to US$3 per million British thermal units.

Coastal GasLink's owner, TransCanada, recently sold a 65 percent stake in the company to Alberta's public-sector pension manager and New York-based KKR.


Meanwhile, Royal Dutch Shell, which is the largest shareholder in the LNG Canada project, has also seen its stock plunge in the wake of the Coastal GasLink controversy. It reached a 52-week low this week.

The pipeline wants to supply fracked gas to the LNG Canada plant being built in Kitimat as part of a $40-billion capital project.

Canadia corporations believe they are backed by the settler-governance of Canada and therefore especially the Canadian mining and energy companies act in typical neo-colonial fashion. It is therefore also high time to divest from Barrick Gold and other Canadian rogue energy- and cruel mining-companies - just watch this video:

Tanzania - Canadian Barrick Gold harvests BloodGold 

This short film tells in stark detail the stories of some of the victims at the North Mara Gold Mine in Tanzania operated by UK listed company, Acacia Mining. Barrick Gold Corporation, is the majority shareholder of Acacia Mining, holding 63 per cent.

The mine has been plagued by human rights problems. Since 2014, at least 22 people have been killed and 69 injured, many by bullet wounds, at or near the remote mine in security related incidents, according to research conducted by RAID and MiningWatch Canada (MWC). Nine women and girls have been raped. A Tanzanian parliamentary inquiry set up to look into the problem in 2016, received 65 reports of killings and 270 people injured by police responsible for mine security. Tanzanian opposition and human rights monitors believe the number is higher, estimating 300 mine related deaths since 1999.

It’s Time to Wake Canada Up!

Thank you for taking this stand with us, for continuing to throw down, and for letting Canada know they cannot force Indigenous people off our lands with their assault rifles and their military force.

We won’t back down.

Thank you for making this your fight too. It’s time to remind Canada that all lands are sacred.


Photo by Amber Braken / The Narwhal

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Immediate Solidaryity Response:

VIDEO – Tyendinaga Mohawks say no trains will pass through their lands until the RCMP gets out of Wet’suwet’en territory

By  - 08. February 2020

TYENDINAGA MOHAWK TERRITORY – When the RCMP invaded Wet’suwet’en territory on February 6th 2020, solidarity actions in support of the Wet’suwet’en sprung up across Canada. The port of Vancouver was shut down, Indigenous youth occupied the legislature in Victoria, traffic on Highway 403 near Six Nations was brought to a halt. Across Canada several MPs including cabinet ministers had their offices occupied and solidarity demonstrations took place in cities across the land.

Update from Brandie Maracle

But perhaps the most significant action took place in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, where the people stopped rail traffic through their community in response to the RCMP raids in Wet’suwet’en territory. This action was taken in solidarity with the land defenders currently opposing the CGL pipeline project on Wet’suwet’en territory. Demonstrators say they will not allow any trains to pass through Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory until the RCMP leaves Wet’suwet’en Yint’ah (lands).

The CN rail line through Tyendinaga generates hundreds of millions of dollars for the Canadian economy and yet the people of Tyendinaga don’t see any benefit from it.

Despite earlier mainstream media reports that the blockade had ended, dozens of Mohawks and their supporters remain at the site on Wyman road as VIA rail suspends all passenger traffic from Toronto to Montreal. There has been no attempt at negotiation from police or industry as the blockade stretches into its third day. The protest has been peaceful as one person pointed out “We are not on the track we are sitting next to the tracks, we didn’t shut the trains down [CN rail] did”. 

Supporters showed up throughout the day with wood, pizza, soup, coffee and clothing. The community is firmly behind the blockade and firmly against the actions of the RCMP out West. “We haven’t had one miserable or angry person come through here, everybody is so concerned, even non-natives are concerned (with the RCMP raids)” Cory, a non-native resident of Tyendinaga came out with several pizzas, blankets and clothing saying “I respect natives, I’m just here to help, if you need anything let me know” he said “I support you guys 100%.”

George Zachariah. 76 is a veteran of several Mohawk blockades who came out on Friday to show his support. “I have been on 5 blockades and been arrested twice” He told Real People’s Media. A cancer survivor, he self-medicates with cannabis, still he has come out to block the trains and stand up “for the people”.

People occupying the blockade are following the events in Wet’suwet’en very closely. One woman said her “heart shattered” as she watched the RCMP raid. Another described what they were seeing as “genocide”. Everyone is constantly checking their social media feeds, eager for any new information on their comrades in arms.

As Livestreams begin showing current RCMP raids everyone gathers with baited breath. Hopes and fears run strong on the blockade. “The RCMP have live ammo” says one demonstrator “Maybe this is the start of something bigger” says another. There is little concern paid to the OPP parked just down the street, all eyes are on the Wet’suwet’en. 

Determination is clear on everyone’s faces. One woman at the blockade said “All of us across Turtle Island are coming together as units, as communities sticking together. There is not one person running everything, we are all doing this together.” She went on to say “I’ve never seen everybody connect and rise up together like this before, we’re all standing.”

Another land defender who identified himself as Jake said “We are all one nation, so guess what, we all stand together, we are a people, if they need our help, we’ll give them help, I will be here as long as I need to be.”

The people of Tyendinaga feel a strong connection and admiration for Wet’suwet’en people, in the words of one Mohawk woman “They haven’t been bought, they haven’t given up any rights, they’re very courageous people.”

When asked what the days ahead might hold the answer from the Mohawks were simple “Strength pride and courage”


ALL EYES ON UNIST’OT’EN: February 10, 2020



(several live streams on FB – https://www.facebook.com/unistoten)

NOTA BENE: The Unist’ot’en Support Brigade has still not understood the dangers of fascistbook - BEWARE!


12:15 pm – Paddywagon from Prince George has arrived, license Cd5182. Call number on the side is PG1111.

12:13 PM – Pickup with canopy is backing over sacred fire. License number Nr7393. Media corral in effect.

12:09 pm – RCMP cuffing arrestees with zipties, have told media they will be arrested.

12:01 pm – Unist’ot’en matriarchs and indigenous supporters in custody including Freda Huson are drumming, dancing, and singing. Sacred fire being extinguished by CGL workers.

11:57 am – RCMP Commander approaching folks in custody. Officers are putting out the sacred ceremonial fire. All Legal Observers and media being moved away from arrestees.

11:56 am – RCMP tactical team staged on other side of the river with nets.

11:54 am – Arrested matriarchs only have one journalist and two Legal Observers with them. RCMP have blocked all other media from their vicinity.

11:34 am – Spirit fire outside Healing Centre still burning. Occupants can’t leave the building, unsure how long it will last.

11:26 am – Excavator on the bridge.

11:17 am – RCMP officers have begun removing red dresses. They are telling us the guard house now falls within the injunction. Unist’ot’en matriarchs in custody calling on ancestors to stand with them.

11:07 am – Gates dismantled by RCMP. Confirmed 7 arrests. Genocide ongoing.

11:05 am – 7th arrest, “Lady Chainsaw” – Arresting officer McNeil.

11:03 am – Officer McKay attempting to read Freda her rights. She is singing over him.

11:01 am – RCMP dismantling gate on the bridge. 6 arrests, including Freda Huson.

10:58 am – Freda Huson arrested. Arresting officers Erefnan and McKay.

10:53 am – Unist’ot’en matriarch Brenda has been arrested. RCMP chainsawing gate. Arresting officers: Tanguy and McKay

10:42 am – Unist’ot’en matriarchs continue to sing and drum. One more arrest, 4 total.

10:41 am – RCMP using K9 units on unarmed indigenous women. 3 arrests total so far.



10:37 am – Dr. Karla Tait’s arresting officers: Erefnan and Paiman.

10:34 am – Unist’ot’en Dr. Karla Tait arrested

10:34 am – Arresting officers named: GC Tangay, Hert, Mn McKay, SD McNeil

10:31 am – RCMP bringing in K9 units towards matriarchs in ceremony

10:29 am – 2 total arrested.

10:27 am – One arrested.

10:24 – RCMP pointing at young indigenous woman with walkie talkie at the bridge. Appear to be targeting.

10:22 am – 9 officers, tactical team moving in

10:17 am – Officer in military fatigues approaching gate

10:15 am – RCMP overheard, going to send another tactical team shortly.

10:13 am – Ceremony continues. RCMP continue to carry supplies into the bush on other side of river.

9:55 am – Legal observers heard RCMP planning on running dogs towards gate

9:51 – RCMP Officer appears to have tripped over one of the red dresses.

9:48 am – reports that Transport Canada is not aware of any airspace restriction.

9:45 am – DLT interrupting ceremony to try and talk to Freda. Masked cops with sunglasses, filming. Low flying helicopter.

9:44 – Unist’ot’en Facebook account livestreaming raid now.

9:38 am – 11 tactical at end of driveway of Healing Centre, 7 on hill. 2 canine units. DLTs hovering around ceremonial bell structure filming.

9:32 am – Several assault rifles spotted pointed at Healing Centre. K9 units. Sounds cannons. Handguns.

9:28 am – RCMP have at least 1 dog with them

9:25 am – Police on other side of river has several unknown objects. One is flat and green. 2 snowmobiles down the hill, DLT in front and 10 other tactical. Cops approaching matriarchs.

9:24 am – Approximately 10 RCMP walking down from top of hill on Unist’ot’en side of territory. Cops reading injunction again.

9:22 am – RCMP now descending hill. Multiple cops on other side of river, downstream, across from the cabin.

9:17 am – 4th helicopter landed and took off at top of hill. 3 RCMP total at the top of hill. 2 north side, 1 south.

9:14 – Total 3 black helicopters at the top of hill

9:13 am – RCMP approaching water in snowshoes, assessing bridge, using binoculars. Another helicopter dropped down and went back up.

9:11 am – More RCMP officers crouching behind snowbank, hiding from view. 2 high visibility and one in red plaid. 2 helicopter dropoffs at the top of the hill so far.

9:09 am – Ravens flying above the officers. They are Oyate, Karla Tait’s daughter, in spirit form. She told us they would be with us. She is 5 years old Unist’ot’en.

9:08 am – Black helicopter landed on top of hill behind Unist’ot’en Healing Centre, then took off again.

9:05 am – RCMP filming, also one woman and one man who may be press filming with RCMP. One officer with yellow stripe on hat.

9:04 am – Helicopter hovering above the Healing Centre.

9:03 am – Unist’ot’en matriarchs are singing the Womens Warrior Song.

9:02 am – 2 RCMP officers heading into bush on downstream side of bridge wearing snowshoes and carrying a spineboard.

8:59 am – RCMP setting up large device on top of truck, appears to be some kind of telescope object on a tripod with plastic wrapping and a viewfinder.

8:52 am: RCMP are climbing the snow towards gate entrance, telling all present they will be arrested and face civil or criminal contempt. Matriarchs are calling the ancestors. There are only women here besides one male media and one male indigenous supporter.


8:51 am – RCMP using sound cannon. Pulling out more heavy equipment.

8:49 am – Helicopter coming in. Civil injunction from CGL/TC Energy being read. RCMP getting into snowshoes.

8:47 am – RCMP tactical team approaching gate. 1 in army fatigues carrying equipment. One in back, in woods. Chopper overhead. 2 snowmobiles behind. Repeating no drones message on loudspeaker.

8:44 am – RCMP tactical team amassing at end of bridge. Including Rob Picola (who approved lethal overwatch). Industry accompanying them to the gates. 7 officers, 2 in yellow vests behind them.

8:40 am – RCMP on megaphone at #Unistoten bridge: “This is the RCMP. This airspace is now restricted. Do not operate any drone in this area. This restriction is approved by transport Canada.” Freda Huson: “This is not Canada! You are invaders! LEAVE!”

8:39 am – RCMP officers climbing snowbank


8:35 am – RCMP approaching bridge at 66km. 3 SUVs, one large van, line of trucks behind. Matriarchs are drumming and singing on the bridge, walking through the red dresses of their stolen sisters.


8:22 am: Unist’ot’en matriarchs drumming on bridge, and making offering to the ancestors in the river Wedzin Kwa, as RCMP convoy advances.


7:21 am – RCMP convoy is rolling up towards 66km now from 4km mark.

7:01 am – Convoy of 16 RCMP vehicles, mostly tactical stopped at 3km. 4 snowmobiles. Headed to Unist’ot’en.

6:50 am – Convoy of RCMP tactical vehicles just left the community hall in town and are headed down Hwy 16.

Nightly abduction of women by the Apartheid goons of the RCMP on unceded land of the Unist'ot'en. Justin Trudeau and John Horgan are obviously mentally ill and need to be immediately removed from office for giving these illegal and unconstitutional orders.

Canadian Association of Journalists  @caj

The CAJ has verified numerous reports that the #RCMP have threatened to arrest #cdnmedia journalists at #Wetsuweten Territory for taking photos. We remind @BCRCMPMedia that Canada is not a police state. Police do not have the right to control what is published.

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The RCMP, the government of British-Columbia and Justin Trudeau's Canada must be reminded that

a) they do not have the right to establish an 'Exclusion Zone' on unceded Indigenous lands of a First Nation.

b) ALL Unist'to'ten territory is an EXCLUSION ZONE for the RCMP and similar stooges - and RCMP had been served with that notice since long.

RCMP violently invaded unceded #Wetsuweten territory at 4:30am this morning. NO ONE was blocking the road, NO ONE was violating any injunction. Dozens of cops with dogs and assault rifles were used to arrest 6 unarmed people.



RCMP arrest Unist'ot'en matriarchs during ceremony to honour missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

By Charlie Smith - 10. February 2020

Today, a large convoy of Mounties arrived at the Unist'ot'en camp and took high-profile matriarchs into custody.


Freda Huson (Chief Howihkat) -L-, Brenda Michell (Chief Geltiy) -R- , and Dr. Karla Tait, director of clinical programs at the Unist'ot'en Healing Center, were arrested while holding a ceremony to honour missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

There are five Wet'suwet'en clans and 13 house groups. The Unist'ot'en (Dark House) is one of three houses within the Gilseyhu (Bull Frog) clan.

"We, the Unist'ot'en, know that violence on our lands and violence on our women are connected," the Unist'ot'en said in a statement. "During [the] ceremony, we hung red dresses to remember the spirits of the murdered women, girls, and two-spirit people taken from us.


"We were holding a cremation for the Canadian Indigenous Reconciliation industry as the RCMP battered through the gates," the statement continued. "Land defenders, including Victoria Redsun (Denesuline), Autumn Walken (Nlaka'pamux), and Pocholo Alen Conception have also been arrested."

Wet'suwet'en land defenders say that they're not intimidated by police, colonial courts, or men in suits and their money.

"We are still here," they declared, following the latest RCMP arrests on traditional Wet'suwet'en land. "We will always be there. This is not over."

The Unist'ot'en camp is at the 60-kilometre point along the Morice West Forest Service Road on traditional Wet'suwet'en territory in northern B.C.


The RCMP is enforcing a B.C. Supreme Court injunction obtained by Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd. to enable it to complete a $6.6-billion project that crosses over unceded traditional Wet'suwet'en territory.

Huson was named as a defendant in the company's injunction. She told the Straight last week that she is not a protester. Rather, she's upholding Wet'suwet'en law.

In fact, she delivered an eviction notice last month to Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.

“While we’re impacting their critical infrastructure, they’re affecting our critical infrastructure because the land base is really critical to us,” Huson said.

Hereditary chiefs won a unanimous ruling in the Supreme Court of Canada in 1997 that their Aboriginal title still exists and was not extinguished when B.C. joined Confederation in 1871.

"We, as Wet'suwet'en, have never ceded our sovereign title and rights over the 22,000 square kilometres of our land, waters, and resources within our Yintah," they stated in today's news release. "Our 'Anuc niwh'it'ën (Wet'suwet'en law) and feast governance systems remain intact and continue to govern our people and our lands. We recognize the authority of these systems."