The Modern Day Scramble for Africa

Foreign subsidiaries in sub-Saharan Africa

By RealNews - 23. September 2019

From the US to China to Israel to Russia, governments are positioning resources - both civilian and military - in various African nations for various reasons.

Jacqueline Luqman talks to Maurice Carney about who are the players on the continent, what do they want, what does this mean for the future of Africa and Africans, and why should we here in the USA be concerned.

Maurice Carney is a co-founder and Executive Director of the Friends of the Congo.

He has fought with Congolese for over twenty years in their struggle for human dignity and control of their country.

Mr. Carney worked with civic associations in West Africa providing training on research methodology and survey.

He served as the interim Africa working group coordinator for Reverend Jesse Jackson while he was Special Envoy to Africa.


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Maurice Carney has provided analysis on the Congo for Al Jazeera, ABC News, Democracy Now, Real News Network, Pambazuka News, All Africa News, and a host of other media outlets.


The New Scramble for Africa | Empire

By AlJ - 27. July 2014

Decades after the European powers carved up the African continent for their own imperial needs, Africa is undergoing a new wave of resource and strategic exploitation – some are calling it the new scramble for Africa.

The United States is increasing its footprint across Africa with AFRICOM, fighting terrorism and ensuring stability are the trumpeted motivations. Resource security is a more hushed objective.

But it is not just about the US. During the last decade, China's trade with Africa not only caught up with America's, it has more than doubled it. The new battle for Africa does not deploy strong-arm tactics, it is now a soft power game: economic and humanitarian aid, interest-free loans, preferential trade agreements and investments in infrastructure are currency across a continent that is, for the world's established and emerging powers, seemingly up for grabs. India, Brazil and Russia are all invested in Africa's present and future, and old imperial powers like France are fixing to retain their loosening grip on the riches of former colonies.

So what does all this mean for Africa and Africans? Empire travels to Kenya to examine the continent at the centre of the world as it is courted, cajoled and carved up by global powers to its East and West.

Al Jazeera English


The new scramble for Africa’s resources – looting or development?

November 11, 2015

The outside world has its eye increasingly set on Africa. Farming lands and new discoveries of oil, gas and minerals have made the continent interesting again – not only for former colonial powers and the United States but also China and India.

Under the motto “trade no aid”, Africa’s poor are to be lifted by trade rather than aid. Meanwhile, history shows that rich natural resources easily become a curse. Instead of creating jobs, better education and healthcare, large export revenues often lead to corruption, conflict and to countries becoming dependent on raw materials.

Who are the winners and who are the losers in the new scramble for Africa’s resources?

Who ensures that the fortunes will benefit the citizens themselves, and what is required for a broad community development?

These issues were discussed at a live-streamed panel debate in Lund on 10 November. Panellists included: Margaret C Lee, leading Africa researcher and author of “The 21st Century Scramble for Africa” Nnimmo Bassey, was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 2010 for discoveries about the humanitarian and ecological disaster as a result of the Nigerian oil industry. Erik Esbjörnsson, Africa correspondent for Dagens Nyheter Moderator: Andreas Ekström, journalist Introduction by Ellen Hillbom, Africa Researcher at Lund University.



.... and always let us have a look to the real history of Africa:

History: Africa Before The Europeans

November 7, 2014

AFRICA BEFORE THE EUROPEANS. The powerful empires, wealthy city states and civilised rural societies of Africa. Many great civilizations and empires rose and fell in Africa leaving great cultural heritage.