UPDATE 12. July 2020: Tyranny Without a Tyrant: The Deep State’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working & Where Do We Go from Here?

UPDATE 08. July 2020: BOMBSHELL! Canadian Lawsuit Filed In Excruciating Detail Against the Government’s COVID-19 Measures

ADD-ON 10. June 2020: Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong

Biggest and Deadliest Medical Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race

By State of the Nation - 28. June 2020

“All the official COVID-19 numbers are
fake, totally made up!”

The Coronavirus Coach

• All the COVID-19 infection rates and number of cases by locale and nation are fabricated

• All mortality rates by city, state and nation are falsified, most COVID-19 classified deaths are other causes of death

• All coronavirus hospital admissions are either confusingly misrepresented, deliberately inflated or grossly exaggerated

• All COVID-19 statistics officially issued by virtually every government within the world community of nations are either highly inaccurate, purposefully distorted or patently false

• Geriatric genocide is the primary cause of death especially in the United States, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France and Germany

UPDATE 12. Juli 2020: The first session of the German Corona Commission of Inquiry will commence on 14. July 2020. Then also the detailed work-plan and the topics will be presented and outlined. Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg will present his experiences with the commission of inquiry on the swine-flu pandemic. On 15. July 2020 the situation of the elderly locked up in the care-homes will be investigated. Via the Website https://corona-ausschuss.de/ always the latest information will be presented and the public enabled to participate in the sessions.

UPDATE 10. Juli 2020: International Media-Conference in Berlin LIVESTREAM (video 2h25m in German) - with a good participation of jounalists from all media, except those financed by government. The direct public participation was excellent with over 6,000 multiplicators engaged, whose most important questions could already and directly be answered during the conference. Over 100,000 already watched the livestream. From the next week on the committee will for 4-6 weeks on three days per week hear the witnesses and experts - likewise livestreamed und with direct public participation. Via the website https://corona-ausschuss.de/ all sessions will be announced, livestreamed with public participation and an the findings published.The network of the committee is expanding to other European and international initiatives.

UPDATE: Start and International Media-Conference on 10. Juli 2020 in Berlin

Corona Committee of Inquiry Seeks the Truth

By SCA - 01. Juli 2020

We want to investigate why the federal and state governments have imposed unprecedented restrictions and what consequences they had for people. We support scientific studies in this field. 

In Germany, coronavirus activity is almost at a standstill. A large number of studies have shown that lethality and mortality are similar to influenza. Throughout the entire coronavirus measures, the German health care system was never overwhelmed.

However, the government's coronavirus interventions, which were imposed in a great panic, have caused massive social, psychological, health, cultural and economic collateral damage.


UPDATE 09. July 2020: International Pharmaceuticals Expert Exposes Pandemic Fakery!


UPDATE 21. March 2020: Massive die-off in Italy - 793 patients died there with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours - but beware: The majority died WITH the virus but due to other ailments and NOT FROM the virus. Only around 12% of “Covid19 deaths” list Covid19 as CAUSE. The virus is a killer of pensioners - the average age of the deceased in Italy is 81 years. The virus certainly works well for the pension-funds worldwide. Also Spain has a massive upsurge in fatal cases. Compilation and texts below upated - check back!

PROLOGUE: The coronavirus creating worldwide havoc at present was initially called 2019-nCoV for '2019 novel coronavirus' and is identified now as SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - CoronaVirus 2), while the disease is called COVID-19 for 'Corona Virus Infectious Disease 2019'. Get  your case updates from HERE or HERE or HERE

COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 are real - so where is the con?

Covered behind facemasks the Good have lots of hard work, the Bad get it their way and the Ugly have one field-day after the other. Credit: Street artist TVBoy

By Venatrix Fulmen (*) - 20. March 2020

SARS-CoV-2 is - based on the assessments and testimonies given by many virologists - a man-made, artificially created virus deriving from the family of the coronavirus pathogens. There are a number of coronaviruses that affect humans as well as those that affect primarily animals. A coronavirus that affects specifically the intestines of dogs is known since it appeared first in the UK in 1971.

Known to science are now seven corona viruses that affect humans, of which four cause usually only a mild, flu-like sickness, but also can cause death in frail patients. All four of these endemic viruses circulate slowly and many people are already immune against them. In a normal flu season around 7 to 15 percent of all flu viruses are these classic corona viruses.

The three others are the MERS, SARS und the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that can cause a pandemic and serious respiratory illnesses as well as death. Infections with MERS are rare and the SARS virus hasn't been found in humans since 2004. SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19 and is at the core of the on-going pandemic.

The Whole of Earth’s Atmosphere Is Vibrating Like a Bell

By Marcie Grabowski - 10 July 2020

A ringing bell vibrates simultaneously at a low-pitched fundamental tone and at many higher-pitched overtones, producing a pleasant musical sound. A recent study, just published in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences by scientists at Kyoto University and the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, shows that the Earth’s entire atmosphere vibrates in an analogous manner, in a striking confirmation of theories developed by physicists over the last two centuries.

UPDATE 09. July 2020: WHO launches 'independent' inquiry into global response to pandemic - what a joke and scam! The world and all people deserve an Independent International Tribunal and not an UN mock-exercise. If the world's governments are impotent or fear to be implicated, the free world must drive the ITNJ Commission of Inquiry to a higher level to become this Tribunal for Global Justice.

UPDATE: 07. July 2020: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded Vaccine Alliance GAVI

UPDATE 06. July 2020: - In an email to the media, a U.N. spokesman confirmed that the organization received the notification: "On 6 July 2020, the United States of America notified the Secretary-General ... of its withdrawal from the World Health Organization, effective on 6 July 2021," wrote Stéphane Dujarric, a spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres." Unfortunately Trump gives the money now to Big Pharma.

UPDATE 02. July 2020: WHO backtracks on original claim that China self-reported, admits this never happened

Health only for corporations and oligarchs - no health for people: WHO

UPDATE 12. June 2020: OH NO, W.H.O.! (must watch documentary)

UPDATE 09. June 2020: President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, who had expelled the UN in 2019 and latetly also kicked the WHO mission out of the country, after having agreed to a democratic handing over of power in autumn, died unexpectedly of what was stated a 'heart-attack'.

UPDATE 02. June 2020: Leaked WHO files show China 'delayed releasing important information' about virus

UPDATE 24. May 2020: "We Have Undercover Footage" - The Media DON'T Want This Out!

UPDATE 14. May 2020: Burundi expels the World Health Organization (WHO) from its territory. President orders top WHO official, 3 other virus experts to leave within 24h.

UPDATE 23. April 2020: Change in WHO leadership and structural fix is demanded by USA to possibly resume revoked funding.

The Gangster Head of the WHO

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organisation (WHO) speaks at a press conference regarding the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the UN Office in Geneva, Palais des Nations. Credit: UN Photo / Elma Okic)

By Thomas C. Mountain - 15. April 2020

The head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, was a senior capo for the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) gangster mafia that ruled Ethiopia from 1991-2018. During that time he served as Health Minister and Foreign Minister, cementing his credentials as a member of the inner circle of what was one of if not the most corrupt, brutal and genocidal regimes to set foot on this planet in the past 30 years.

From 2007 to Ethiopia’s Peaceful Revolution in 2018 Dr. Tedros was complicit in the TPLF’s crime of genocide against the Somali people of the Ogaden with the genocidal blockade of food and medicine to the region. He was part of expelling the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders from the Ogaden during a series of Cholera outbreaks and in helping deny medicine to the Somali Ogadenis he oversaw the deaths of untold thousands during a series of historical droughts, famines and epidemics.

Dr. Tedros did not just cover up cholera epidemics, he was complicit in a medicine blockade to those affected.

PROLOGUE: As assumed earlier, the contagion dubbed SARS-Cov-2 is rather a self-replicating neurotoxic bio-chemical agent than just a 'virus' and can be used as weapon. Any government, which does not immediately engage in tracing the origin of the pathogen and enables a still not yet founded but urgently required Independent International Tribunal to find the real truth of the pandemic and those responsible, must be seen as what it then is: An accomplice and partner in crimes against humanity.

Severe brain damage possible even with mild coronavirus symptoms

MRI scan of brainAccording to British neurologists, COVID-19 can cause serious damage to the brain and central nervous system. Such damage can lead to psychosis, paralysis and strokes, which are often detected in their late stages.

By DW - 09. July 2020

There are numerous signs that the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 not only attacks the lungs and respiratory tract, but also other organs on a massive scale.It can severely affect the heart, vessels, nerves, kidneys, and skin. 

British neurologists have now published shocking details in the journal "Brain," which suggests SARS-CoV-2 can cause severe brain damage — even in patients with mild symptoms or those in recovery. Often this damage is detected very late or not at all.

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