If we hadn't stopped this original route planned by the Chinese SGR, the only forest of Nairobi National Park, the Elephant Sanctuary, the Bomas of Kenya and Ngong Forest would have been destroyed and the whole western side of the park cut off.

Dear PNNP Friends and Supporters,

Thanks to your great cooperation the task was achieved to avert the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line of Phase 2 being routed through the BOMAS OF KENYA, through the NGONG ROAD FOREST RESERVE and through KAREN including the MIOTONI Triangle. VICTORY !!!

That was the first real success, after other groups had lost out against Phase 1 SGR. As a result of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) signing over NNP lands to Kenya Railway Corporation (KRC) at the very eastern part of the park, where Cheetah gate was closed since now some time back and where that once lush Kenyan wildlife area was turned into a gigantic Chinese construction camp, overshadowed by high-power electrical transmission lines and destroyed by construction roads as well as the SGR line itself, and also where the NNP lands are occupied now by the Southern Bypass stretch from Langata Road to Mombasa Road, the zones are lost for wildlife, visitors and the park ecosystem. That already has now even further negative impacts on adjacent park areas, once the core zones of the black rhino population.

Since then the people and organizations we have joined together in the core group to avert the Bomas to Karinde routing of SGR have concentrated on the protection of Nairobi National Park (NNP).

Reason for this short update today is to establish, if you with your signature (given during the earlier action either to our activists on the signature lists or online) can also be counted as supporter of the struggle to avert any further harm to Nairobi National Park.

If you stand steadfast against any further loss to the NNP ecosystem, you don't need to do anything with this e-mail - we will keep you listed and informed. Important information - also concerning the legal steps taken against the current plans of |Phase 2 SGR| - will be circulated in the coming days.

If you want to opt-out of the PNNP list, you should respond by return mail (just click reply) and type into the subject line "op-out" before sending.

If you don't opt out, we will enlist your name/group (your other details like phone and e-mail address are safe with us and will not be revealed) also in further actions to safeguard NNP - the most outstanding icon of wildlife protection in developing Kenya.


Those of you who stand steadfast, please go also to the online PETITION

and urge the Director General of the Kenya Wildlife Service, Mr. Kitili Mbathi, to do more to ensure that the Nairobi National Park is protected from any incompatible development. Let him know that he has your backing in becoming pro-active to stop any further harm to this park, which is so dear to all Kenyans and visitors and so extraordinarily important for Nairobi, Kenya and the world. The damage caused by |Phase 1 SGR| and the Southern Bypass road to the NNP is reason enough to stop any further harm to the core and wider park ecosystem immediately.

Routing the SGR from Syokimau through Nairobi National Park to the Hippo Pools and then also destroying the Kaputiei wildlife dispersal area from Kitengela through Oloosirkon/Twala towards Ongata Rongai, onto Bulbul and the spot behind Gikuyu Forest from where they want to drill a single tunnel pipe (very dangerous) into the side of the Great Rift, is just another unwise idea of the Chinese SGR planners.

The alternative route, which also would avert the expensive tunnelling into the rift, has been proposed since long and is known to KRC.

Please distribute that link also wide and far, but know that on AVAAZ the petitioner regularly doesn't receive the e-mail addresses of the signatories - so tell your friends to also e-mail to to receive updates.

If you want to contribute apart from your voice also your skills, time and resources to support the struggle, please write to and tell others to join and become active.

Thanks and Kind Regards

PNNP Consortium

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"At first they laugh about you, then they try to discredit you, then they fight and even try to kill you - but then you win!"
"Great Spirit save us from our false friends - our enemies we can handle ourselves!"