July 29, 2018




The citizens of the world present this document to the CITES Committee with documentation outlining their failures committed against the endangered species of this planet and declare a ‘Vote Of No Confidence’ against the organisation and demand CITES to be replaced immediately by a Protection of Endangered Species Committee headed by various NGO’s who have a vested interest in the welfare and the survival of not only endangered species, but all animals and plants on the planet.

The arrogance and non accountability displayed by CITES, their lack of communication with the public, the endless emails sent by countless citizens that go unanswered is unacceptable as is the unanswered questions asked on their Facebook page just goes to show their guilt in the part they have played in the various atrocities against the wildlife which is detailed as follows.

Let’s start with the sale of 102 tonnes of stockpiled ivory authorised unanimously by the 172 CITES member States in July 2007 to the Chinese and Japan which clearly started the endemic relentless poaching of elephants.

The then Secretary-General of CITES, Mr William Wjnstekers, who oversaw the four auctions stated that ‘the ivory sales are the culmination of a transparent decision making process which has been a major topic of discussion at CITES meetings for almost 2 decades. He stressed that ‘the sales that have just finished were exceptional ‘ and added ‘ I hope that the mainstream media will make it clear to everyone that the ivory trade has not reopened’.

Unfortunately that is exactly what happened, the ivory trade did reopen and is still going with hundreds of thousands of elephants slaughtered as a result of this careless and negligent decision.

Elephants have plummeted to drastically low numbers.

The cruel heartless kidnapping of 27 baby elephants, 7 lions and 10 sable antelopes sent to China.

As stated on CITES statement from the Secretary -General, “ Chimelong Safari Park in Southern China’s Guangdong Province is the destination for the 24 elephants; the elephants will be kept in a free range setting and none of the elephants will be used for performances in this safari park, which covers an area of 1.3 million square metres.”

This proved untrue, the baby elephants are residing in various hell hole zoos through out China, standing on cold grey concrete away from their families in Hwange Zimbabwe. These zoos are clearly no place for these innocent victims that will now spend the rest of their lives miserable, sad and lonely. The elephant families will be grieving the loss of their babies for the rest of their lives.

The method in which these elephants were captured is in itself despicable, rounding them up by scattering the herds with helicopters separating the babies.

Everyone knows elephants are highly intelligent emotional social animals and to do this is clearly an act of extreme cruelty, which CITES finds acceptable. There has been no follow up by any CITES member to see if the zoos were acceptable for the species. All emails questioning this have gone unanswered.

This is Beijing Zoo, NOT Chimelong Safari Park which is where the Secretary -General state they were going. This is NOT a free range zoo. Clearly CITES does not even know where the kidnapped elephants were going, no follow up, no accountability. By looking at these pictures it’s clear that the enclosures are unacceptable and CITES once again proves it is unfit for purpose. Meanwhile baby elephants are looking undernourished and scared in a boma in Hwange while they await their fate in China.

We the citizens of the world DEMAND that all of the baby elephants be returned to Hwange immediately. This act of cruelty against these elephants is non compliant and unacceptable.

The recent export of 9 juvenile giraffes to a known terrorist country, Pakistan, with zero animal welfare laws resulted in the deaths of all nine within days of arrival. Why would CITES send any animal to Pakistan with no Animal welfare laws? Once again their decision proved deadly for animals.

The requirement for a determination of ‘appropriate and acceptable destinations’ currently only applies to trade in Ceratotherium simum simum (Southern white rhinoceros) from South Africa and Swaziland; and to the export of live specimens of certain African populations of Loxodonta africana (African elephants), where the term ‘appropriate and acceptable destinations’ appears in an annotation to the listing of a species in Appendix II of the Convention with reference to the export of live animals, this term shall be defined to mean destinations where animals will be:

i) humanely treated

ii) free to exhibit a normal range behaviour, including social behaviour
Clearly none of the points above have applied to any of the animals exported, elephants or giraffes.

One of the most abhorrent decisions by CITES is the approval of the sale of lion skeletons from South Africa to China to make wine.

One can honestly say to agree to such an activity one can clearly not be of right sound and mind. Who in their right mind would even think of such an evil atrocity yet CITE committee members have signed off on 800 lion skeletons which has recently been revised to 1500.

This abhorrent trade has failed to be monitored by CITES and undercover studies have found that the permits for export are falsified with fake ID and fake addresses. Asian importers listed with CITES permits include the worlds most notorious illicit wildlife trader with the FBI placing a $1 million bounty on his head leading to his capture. Undercover researchers in Asia linked a number of recipients on the permits to poaching and black market trading.

The bones are supposed to be a ‘by product’ of the disgusting unethical canned hunting industry, yet the skulls were found to be in 91% of the exports, clearly not a product of a trophy hunt. Further to the findings were the weights were reported incorrectly allowing 3 skeletons to be exported rather than one, proving that the security and customs at the airports are not working.

Trophy Hunting

It’s unconscionable that CITES is a party to trophy hunting. To allow the hunting of endangered species citing the mantra of trophy hunters that hunting is conservation is unacceptable in this day and age. With lion numbers down by 25% in the last 10 years clearly shows that hunting lions IS detrimental to to the survival of the species. There are no trophy hunters going to Africa and saving any species by killing it, they are not helping local communities, they are not feeding a nation. Africa does not need white foreigners to kill off the remaining last animals under the guise of conservation. Trophy hunting is for mentally deranged people and CITES should not support the killing of endangered species.

Your disregard for leopards even though CITES admits that leopards are elusive and hard to count admitting that the true numbers of leopards is inconclusive.

Leopards are listed as Appendix I yet CITES allows the hunting of leopards.
Mozambique 120
Namibia. 250
South Africa 150
Tanzania 500
Zambia 300

Now China has taken leopards a step further and using leopard bones as medicine. China is deliberately and systematically working its way through each endangered species to reach extinction so there stockpiles in China will reap them their so called richness that they desperately want. China will do anything for money no matter what the cost.



Megan Gardner



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