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Why is this important to know for Nature and Human Rights Defenders

Wildlife protection abused for Global Governance

(vf) Well funded USA-based groups involved in so-called 'conservation' have since long been on the forefront of forest or wildlife area management - especially in Africa, Asia and South America. Question was always: Where do their funds come from?

At least since the days of the late gorilla-researcher Dian Fossey, who reportedly worked for the CIA in Rwanda but fell apart and was consequently 'murdered' among 'her' gorillas, it has become clear that also this sector had been and is infiltrated by planted 'experts' with different motifs and an ulterior agenda.

While the cover-up story for Dian was financed boldly to produce books and Hollywood films, earlier a German genuine Gorilla protector died in the Magahinga forest reserve in Uganda. Klaus Sucker had likewise vowed to protect the near extinct mountain gorillas of the Virunga Range on the Ugandan side, but unfortunately became witness to the US-backed arms transports across the mountains into Rwanda before the Genocide. The almost 2m tall man was found hanging from a low window handle. The assassination case has not been brought to a close until today.

Already prior to the US-financed and instigated incursion of Tutsi troops into Rwanda trained in Uganda, the Virunga mountain range, where still the three colonial borders of Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo (formerly Zaire) meet, have been in the eyes of the economic interests of Western powers and thereby of the CIA, the British MI6, the French  DGSE and still - though to a lesser extent - of the Belgian VSSE, after the Vatican - the oldest spy agency of the word. The Rwanda operation, which spiraled out of control into a full blown genocide with up to 1mio people dead - just to secure a stepping stone for the extraction of resources from the mineral wealth of the eastern DR Congo - is a good example for the multi-layered realities.

It actually started already much earlier that geographers, botanists, zoologists et. al. were hired into the colonial services of the supremacist powers, and since the days of the first well-funded 'explorers' their financial backers had not the protection of nature in mind but to secure the natural resources and to satisfy their own greed.

While especially in Eastern Africa the wardens for National Parks were recruited mostly from among those who had served the British interests earlier in military or spook capacities, and often enough actually prospected for ivory or precious stones themselves, today a new trend has emerged: Jobs for retired US marines and other ex-Afghanistan, Iraq etc. veterans.

Though every African village-kid knows more about nature, plants and wild species - their forests and their wildlife - these overseas fellows are pushed into their habitat "to protect the wildlife for the world" because they come loaded with money, modern gear like drones and even sophisticated arms - all under the disguise of 'conservation' - or try to solicit funding like www.veterans4wildlife.org . Surely, in all this the WWF [World Wildlife Fund US aka World Wide Fraud] and Google are not far.

Even notorious facebook and the professional job-site LinkedIn are full of offers and searches by these mainly Anglo-American wildlife mercenaries and other 'security' companies competing for veterans, who then report their wild stories on the same platform - attracting others.

Though even academics warn that the Creeping militarization of global conservation is ‘triple fail’ - the agenda is still pushed by highest governmental offices.

Meanwhile Indigenous or classic international ecologists - even if they hold a PhD or doctorate - have no chance in this sector anymore, because they are not on a foreign wire and The Big Conservation Lie is everywhere.

It is the never ending colonial story of: MISSIONARIES, MERCENARIES AND MISCHIEFS.


UPDATE: US Airstrikes Kill 62 in Coastal Somali Town of Gandarshe


The US War Economy Grows in Africa

By Tate Ulsaker  (*) - December 5, 2018
"The Libyan conflict of 2011 was 'the first war actually commanded by Africom'... Libya was a test case. The first war actually commanded by Africom, it proved remarkably successful.
"The less they see of us, the less they will dislike us." So remarked Frederick Roberts, British general during the Anglo-Afghan war of 1878-80, ushering in a policy of co-opting Afghan leaders to control their people on the empire's behalf.

"Indirect rule", as it was called, was long considered the linchpin of British imperial success, and huge swaths of that empire were conquered, not by British soldiers, but by soldiers recruited elsewhere in the empire. It was always hoped that the dirty work of imperial control could be conducted without spilling too much white man's blood.

In The Guardian, Dan Glazebrook outlines the imperial agenda of the US's 'Africa Command' and shows how it marches on. With mission accomplished in Libya, Africom now has few obstacles to its military ambitions on the continent.

"Around 200,000 US troops are stationed in 177 countries throughout the world. Those forces utilize several hundred military installations. Africa is no exemption. On August 2, Maj. Gen. Roger L. Cloutier took command of US Army Africa, promising to “hit the ground running.”

"The US is not waging any wars in Africa but it has a significant presence on the continent. Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and other special ops are currently conducting nearly 100 missions across 20 African countries at any given time, waging secret, limited-scale operations. According to the magazine Vice, US troops are now conducting 3,500 exercises and military engagements throughout Africa per year, an average of 10 per day — an astounding 1,900% increase since the command rolled out 10 years ago. Many activities described as “advise and assist” are actually indistinguishable from combat by any basic definition.

"There are currently roughly 7,500 US military personnel, including 1,000 contractors, deployed in Africa. For comparison, that figure was only 6,000 just a year ago. The troops are strung throughout the continent spread across 53 countries. There are 54 countries on the “Dark Continent.” More than 4,000 service members have converged on East Africa. The US troop count in Somalia doubled last year.

Mint Press News holds it that there are 54 countries in Africa and US military personal are deployed to 53 of them. It is obvious: The US Military Is All Over Africa Despite Not Being at War in Africa.

 In 2007, the White House announced, "[AFRICOM] will strengthen our security cooperation with Africa and create new opportunities to bolster the capabilities of our partners in Africa. Africa Command will enhance our efforts to bring peace and security to the people of Africa and promote our common goals of development, health, education, democracy, and economic growth in Africa."[7] - Wikipedia


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(*) General Manager at Immigration Migration - New Zealand



"Ecologists" Eavesdrop with Bioacoustics



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A historian holds Britain to account for millions of deaths in a rare interview

Britain is part and parcel of the the Ango-American systematic killing machine: On this episode of Going Underground, historian Mark Curtis reveals that Britain bears responsibility for around 10 million deaths since WW2. He goes over Britain's support for repressive regimes throughout the period, bloody conflicts Britain has been involved in and massacres Britain has been complicit in which have been wiped from the history books and not revealed by MSM..


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by Thuli Madonsela & Mallence Bart-Williams

•Feb 22, 2018


This lecture on 'Wellbeing Economy' was given on November 29, 2017 at the International Convention Centre in Pretoria, South Africa. www.wellbeingeconomy.net/festival