Update 29. April 2019: Five of the Catalans elected during the General election 2019 to represent their constituents in the Spanish parliament still languish in jail for their demand for the independence of Catalunya.

Catalunya Independence Movement Wins Majority in Parliament.

The Catalans still suffer under Spanish colonialism. The UN is mum, though it is the body's duty to foster, assist and guard any move towards Decolonization.

Free the Catalan Freedom Fighters from Spanish Jails and Forced Exile!

Dec 21, 2017 - Solstice 2017

vf/Barcelona - Catalunya’s independence movement celebrates victory in the region’s election with those political parties seeking secession having gained an overall majority in parliament - a dramatic but just result that will have a huge impact not only on Spain, but the European Union.

The outcome is a shattering blow to the Prime Minister of the Spanish Regime in Madrid, Mariano Rajoy, who himself had called for this election with the expectation of reaffirming with an emphatic victory Madrid’s fascist control over Catalunya. But despite having thrown tons of money to the Unionist Party, having thrown Catalan politicians and freedom fighters into jail and having forced others including the Catalan President into exile, even the many bus-loads with fake voters didn't help to maintain the grip of the fascists on the Catalans and their breakaway region.

Rajoy, the governmental stake- and stick-holder of the Spanish Kingdom Spain's King Felipe VI, instead now faces the probability of ongoing confrontations with a separatist coalition, which will again be in power in Barcelona.

He and his vassals will now also face pressure and critical scrutiny, not just for gambling on the snap election, but for his heavy-handed response to the Catalan president and Carles Puigdemont’s Catalan government, who were just calling for an independence referendum.

Rajoy must be held responsible for having sent the brutal Spanish Guardia Civil platoons into a peaceful and democratic referendum process on 01. October 2017, injuring almost one thousand people. State Police smashed their way into polling stations, and were seen pulling voters out by the hair and even restraining elderly people and children. Hundreds of thousands of Catalans joined street protests on the Tuesday thereafter to stand firm against the Spanish regime's brutal high-handedness and the grave violation of rights and freedoms.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont manifested back then already that the region has won the right to own statehood following the referendum.

Belgium must be honoured for having granted Puigdemont and his core cabinet asylum during the last months and the European Union's human rights mechanisms must now kick in to free the illegally detained Catalans from Spanish jails and to recognize the right to self-determination of the people of Catalonia - as they call the renewed old nation-state of Catalunya, who has its own language, its own identity, and a culture distinct from that of the rest of Spain.

Catalunya, whose independence had been robbed by the fascist hordes of Francisco Franco in 1939, will certainly also have to receive the full support of the United Nations with respect to the right to self-determination and de-colonization.